“I enjoy Adwiti’s yoga classes everyday. She weaves a blend of traditional yoga with gentle meditation that soothes the soul and quietens my mind. Our classes are super fun, full of laughter, and acceptance. I am so thankful she shares her practice with us.”
Dr. Tina Gay Allen
Dear Adwiti,

I started attending your classes about 3 months ago. I had been very ill with 2 major surgeries last winter. When I began your classes, I was very weak and depressed. My strength and flexibility have greatly improved, but more importantly, my mind and spirit have also been renewed! Adwiti is a beautiful teacher and mentor. I plan to just keep getting better under her helping hand.

Sue Cole

Sue Cole
“October 21, 2016
I started attending Adwiti’s yoga/meditation class 1 month ago. A year ago I injured my back. At first not walking and then using a cane to walk. I opted not to have an operation, but try to somehow get better through exercise. I walked but I needed more. The yoga is helping me to feel better and some days pain free. She is teaching our class to listen to our body and be gentle with it. She has so many ideas and knowledge of the body, at age 67 I feel like I am learning and truly wish I had done this years ago, but as Adwiti says “you are where your supposed to be”. I feel wonderful and fortunate to have been exposed to such a wonderful teacher. I feel very blessed.
Barbara Hough
Adwiti , I thank you from the heart, for helping me at a crucial time. You listened to my woes when I needed to unburden myself, you were gentle & oh! so very kind. Not just that, but you have the rare capacity of connecting & empathizing. I felt you feel my pain & that in itself was a big help to me.Then you showed me how to heal, guided me with love.My entire consciousness shifted towards the positive, yes I feel wonderful!
Navneet Aditya, India
“Workshops with Adwiti are amazing. Her workshops help to identify, work through, and enlighten up various issues of life, and I have rarely experienced the degree of empowerment and appreciation I’ve felt as I have when working with her. Her meditations are otherworldly. It is hard to describe Adwiti’s ability to be come a channel for healing, but every experience with her is filled with a palpable sense of love, support, and peace. She is truly a gift. I would recommend working with Adwiti, in a workshop or otherwise, time and time and time again!”

Taylor Kingrea, Fairhope, Al

Taylor Kingrea
A Buddhist Temple burning down, a wrong number listed on the internet, a very kind woman sharing information all brought Adwiti into my life. It was a transforming day, giving credence to the philosophy that there are no coincidences in life.

Aproaching my sixth generation of life, severe health challenges had “suddenly” appeared in my life. Traditional medicine could not answer with a “name” or “reason” or a “treatment”. This did not fit into how I had lived my life, (you have a challenge ….. identify, find the cause, create a solution) and was creating additional turmoil.

Adwiti’s soothing voice, calmness, generous spirit, love for mankind, intuitiveness, knowledge and wisdom were exactly what I needed in my life. She is guiding me to finding within myself a place of peace, self-love, acceptance, awe of this world that we live in, realization that I cannot control the external world that I live in, that I do have the ability to look within myself and decide how I will react to situations. My life is infinitely better with Adwiti in it!

I believe that Adwiti’s approach can help anyone with any challenges to come to a better place in life. She has the knowledge to reduce “big” challenges to small questions that allow you to find the answers, thereby creating a better life for you.

If your life is not the way you want it to be, I recommend that you connect with Adwiti thru her private sessions, CD’s, or one of her workshops.


Brenda, Foley, Alabama

Brenda, Foley, Alabama
Adwiti Haffner is a rare and beauty-filled Beacon of Light, that you will find has entered your life (and you into hers) at just the right time- most auspiciously- to aid you in your Spiritual Transformation process. Personally, I have no doubts, that my Higher Self, whom I have gotten to know in a much deeper way since meeting Adwiti, led me directly to her at a very crucial, confused, and painful time in my life.

The Mother that Adwiti is helped me to heal much of my troubled past in such a way that I was finally able to release all the darkness and shadows that had clung to me for so long ~ and open up to receive all the Blessings, Grace, and Guidance the Universe was ready to bestow upon me. Truly the heart of this being is GOLDEN. You will begin to feel more Positive, more Alive, and more Free after working with Her.

I can never repay… only bow to her with such gratitude… She has opened doors for me with her Love that I cannot even verbalize they are so huge! And that is just the beginning, as your Highest Destiny comes forth from within you and starts to unfold before you…. I hope all who have the opportunity to work with Adwiti, allow themselves this privilege.


M. Linton

M. Linton
What is keeping you from living the life of your dreams? maybe you have an idea, maybe you’re clueless! Let Adwiti help you get clear about what you really want. Adwiti will help you find direction and to get unbelievably honest with yourself [required to make positive changes ;-)] I highly recommend her coaching services and if she happens to be doing a workshop in your area, GO.”

Matt Bishop Gulf Shores, Al

Matt Bishop Gulf Shores, Al
Sarah WoodI became familiar with the work of Adwiti Subba Haffner in August of 2012 by a mere coincidence. At that time, I was in a very low state of energy and could barely get out of bed. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I was exhausted. I was procrastinating major projects and feeling a lot of shame. Adwiti comforted me and got me out of my shame. She started with her meditative type of hypnosis on me and within the first two sessions, I noticed a difference. I had more resilience, and get-go, desiring to partake in life.

Throughout the next few weeks we continued this regimen, aided with affirmations, visualizations and my own meditations. She said she was sending healing angels my way. At first, I was skeptical, but something was changing internally for me, I had to admit. I had a bright smile on my face and joined two groups I still go to today involving movies, potlucks, dinners and plays.

My business also got focused and I developed a marketing plan which I am following today and have acquired more clients from. I have three of Adwiti’s meditations and faithfully listen to them at least once a week.

I have to say that her work on me was miraculous. She did all of the work practically, other than the affirmations and I just listened with an open mind.

She honestly cares about her clients and overextends herself, giving more time in the session than what was promised. I highly recommend Adwiti for anyone wanting a successful, easy, yet a dramatic change in their life in a short period of time without a hassle.

To your very best continued successes,

Sarah Jo Wood
The Magic Pen copywriting
[email protected]

Adwiti is the most inspiring, kind, loving spirit. I’m becoming the person I have always known in my heart that I am. The meditation CD’s and the sessions with her have dramatically changed my life. We are nurturing self love and I’m being taught how God is here with us and wants us to know our divinity. His love for us is only as tangible as our love for ourselves is. Our words and our subconscious “speak” determine our lives on a very real moment by moment basis. Adwiti led me to the book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” and it has been an integral part of my growth. Adwiti is so intuitive and knows when I am faltering and sends love and guidance in a way it is difficult for me to comprehend at times. Yet; as I know we are all a part of the Universe I know we all are able to communicate in this same manner as we grow and become “deeper and wider” Namaste
Sheri, Pensacola, Fl
Sheri, Pensacola, Fl
Kim TatumI first met Adwiti in a workshop that I attended with several of my girlfriends. When Adwiti walked into the room, I knew that I was meeting someone very special. She is so full of Grace and Beauty, it flows from inside and surrounds her. She was very motivating, and her manner set me at ease, allowing me to feel free to open myself up to the possibilities that lay right there inside of me! In the past year since that first meeting. I have enjoyed digging deeper and with Adwiti’s help, explore my own inner workings and healing, forgiving, and loving the little girl that still lives deep inside ME. With deep meditation we have uncovered some very core truths that create a more happy, more Healthy me. I challenge you now to Make a resolution to yourself, ” I will take the first step in getting to know myself intimately and honestly” Adwiti’s CDs, news letters, workshops and sessions are a wonderful avenue to do just that… You’ll be so glad you did.
Kim, Gulf Shores, Al
Kim, Gulf Shores, Al
‘Adwiti’s approach is both systematic as well as intuitive. That’s a rare trait in a personal coach and healer. I love her workbooks!! Her books guide the participant through the processes. They make me focus. For some reason, I respond better to words that I actually see in front of me. They also appeal to some part of me that is used to structure I think. It’s so systematic that I feel that I am healing part by part.She does require you to work with her and to explore your own practices and beliefs. But she works with you and at no point did I feel that I was left with a whole lot of materials with no guide. She scaffolds the process of self-discovery rather well. Her one-to-one sessions are great in getting you focused on your goals. She gives a lot of herself to the client and I feel extremely energized after each session.
Dr. A. Pillai, Singapore
My life totally changed over 12 years ago when I met Adwiti.As if it was meant to be and it was.The path I had chosen was going nowhere in my search for truth.As I have learned over time with the devine guidance of Adwiti,the search and answers were within me all along the way.Like the wind,her teachings are spreading around the world.What a devine honor and pleasure we have among us,so close,as we have in Adwiti.For all that may read this,I will say,it is meant to be,for you,to join her in her teachings of yourself and all things for your eternal happiness and joy as it was presented for me.God Bless you.
Dr. William Walker
I am the facilitator for the cancer support group called Family Connected By Ribbons. We meet every first Thursday of each month at Thomas Hospital and have a speaker come to every meeting. We had the pleasure of having Adwiti speak at our November meeting. She is such a pleasure to be around. She helped us all, both patients and family members, go to a peaceful and relaxing place. She truly has a gift to share. Our support group really enjoyed and benefited from her visit. In addition to her speaking with us I bought two of her CD’s. They have been very helpful in my time of post cancer. It was such a joy just to be in her presence. Thank you Adwiti!
Patti Huval
I could not have imagined what profound change would come from my session with Adwiti on that first visit. After 32 years of marriage I had found myself divorced on paper but had been unable to sever the “psychic connection” that still kept me connected to my former spouse. This connection continued to bring me much pain and heartache, even though we no longer saw or spoke to each other, as I could find no way to feel free and continue forward in my life. I went to Adwiti with no expectation but with a desire to see change in my life. After the session ended I immediately felt a sense of peace and “disconnect” from the anguish I had felt. I left that day skeptical that the new feelings I was experiencing could possibly last. It has been over two months now and I have still remained completely free of all connection and the emotional pain that I had endured for four years has vanished! I have been able to move forward in my life and am eagerly looking forward to my future. Adwiti has an amazing gift and it is so very apparent that she truly lives to “help others”.
Debra Harvey, Gulf Shores, Alabama
You have helped me so much. Each week day when I begin my radiation treatment I do the breathing exercise you taught me and it helps find that peaceful, still place that helps me heal. There is more anxiety than you would imagine about lying still in the precise mathematical position during the radiation treatment. In my situation my arms are resting above my head which isn’t painful but certainly isn’t comfortable. But I am definitely at an advantage by starting with the breathing exercise. Thank you!
Sarah Kuzma Gulf Shores, Alabama
Prior to Adwiti, I had no experience with hypnotherapy. I did, however, have experience with many other weight loss “solutions.” I knew what I tried in the past did not work, at least not in the long run.

I was ready to make a real and permanent change in my body; no more ups and downs with my weight. Adwiti lead me to a place within myself where I found the strength and will power to say ‘no’ to those unhealthy foods.

She helped me create a mentality that I am worthy of a long and healthy life. Once those positive changes took hold deep within my mind, my behaviors began to change, too. After just a handful of sessions with Adwiti (and 7 months later), the seeds she planted deep within me are steadily growing, and they are creating a happier, healthier, and 34 pounds lighter me!

However, I will conclude by saying this is not a ‘quick-fix’ to weight loss. Reaching my goal has been a steady process that I have been and remain very committed to. Adwiti has helped me create a permanent change in myself. Hypnotherapy has helped me release the weight; it is not just another weight loss “solution.”

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Michelle, Gulf Shores, Al
Having met Adwiti in school, I was fully aware of her training as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. What I didn’t know was how truly gifted, compassionate and considerate she was.

I called Adwiti after graduation, having experienced several different sessions in school with her. Being a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist myself, I felt as if she was an excellent resource to continue improving my own life. I was totally amazed and delighted with the experience that I received after only one session with her. I felt as though I was a new person. Not only mentally but emotionally as well.

Since that time I have been able to achieve numerous successes in all areas of my life. Thanks to her warmth, compassion, and amazing intuitive skills, I continue to get better everyday in everyway. Her knowledge and Expertise make her a truly gifted Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Adwiti is a reassuring, skilled and confidential therapist. I recommend her highly.

Merceda Graves, CCHt Wheatland, WY
Adwiti has a special instinct about her which is hard to find. Her talents come from within and she has a natural calming quality about her which sets one at ease instantly. I recently visited Adwiti for hypnotherapy and coaching sessions concerning my pregnancy and my desire to have natural childbirth. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to both source and work out my anxieties.

Adwiti also has a unique ability to encourage visualization of one’s inner thoughts. This was particularly helpful to me as it created a language in my conscious mind to which I can refer back to and continuously draw upon the progress we achieved in my sessions. I have and would recommend Adwiti’s services to anyone who wishes to delve deeper into their understanding of themselves or who have specific issues which they would like to address in ways which other therapies cannot.

Sonia Cook Broen, Artist Portland, ME
I have had the pleasure of working with Adwiti for nearly 5 years. She has exceptional skills in both coaching and supporting her clients to success. She has a beautiful melodic voice and her personal energy is motivating and so positive!

Adwiti’s skills are unmatched in the field of hypnotherapy and coaching. She demonstrates a solid understanding of behavior and techniques to help her clients succeed in reaching their goals.I often consult with her when working with my own clients. I would personally recommend Adwiti to anyone who is ready to embrace their future.

Ms Travnicek, MS, LCPC, CH.t Chicago, IL
I had the pleasure of working with Adwiti Haffner in May 2010, to improve my ability to focus on the present and try not to be so scattered with my energy. I am finding that with just one session, my ability to focus has improved and also my ability to live more in the present moment.

My indicator is the fact that I am functioning at a level that is much more peaceful and more calm than before the session.

Janet Connell Mobile, Al
I feel very blessed that I was lead to Adwiti. I have now had three sessions, and went into each session with no expectations and came away each time feeling a strong sense of renewed self. She has a very calming gentle Spirit that made me feel safe and open to her guidance.

She instinctually seemed to know where to lead me through visualization and each time the results were profound! Her awareness of where to guide me seems effortless. I believe that all her years of studies from around the world, and her personal life practices have given her a deep understanding of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Her energy is of pure Love therefore it is easy for me to Trust her with my Body Mind and Spirit.

I would highly recommend Adwiti to any one. With her guidance she has helped me to awaken and connect with my deep inner voice and brought me to a higher level of Spiritual conciousness that has healed many layers of my being, and I am looking forward to working with her again very soon.

Joy LMT Gulf Shores Al.