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Transformational Coach | Sound Alchemist

Ditch the outdated, distorted beliefs that are holding you back and reconnect to your inherent power and true self!

I help skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals in high-stress environments restore their calm, achieve rapid results, and come to a place of increased productivity in all walks of life (particularly business)

I have helped hundreds of amazing, spiritual women, just like you, unleash their inner power and find success, purpose, prosperity, and deep fulfillment.

Adwiti Haffner in a pieceful, meditative state

Let’s transform your life and liberate your true power, so you can find your inner strength, connect with your happiness, and find the prosperity that you so desire!

Get ready to knock down the walls that are blocking your path and unlock the life of purpose and fulfillment that you deserve!

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Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy

Seven sacred metals...
Seven seas away...

Hand hammered by artisans deep in the villages of the Himalayas,
infusing each blessed bowl with sacred chants of compassion, wisdom,  peace, prosperity, and love.

I am bringing to you from my home– Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy.