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Adwiti Haffner in a pieceful, meditative state

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Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy

7 sacred metals. Seven seas away.

Hand hammered by artisans deep in the villages of the Himalayas,
infusing each blessed bowl with sacred chants of compassion, wisdom,  peace, prosperity, and love.

I am bringing to you from my home– Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy.


I love Yoga for the way it helps me come to a beautiful place of equanimity.

Yoga is a practice which involves the mind, the body and mainly your “prana” which means life force. Its historical origins are rooted in ancient Indian philosophy.

The philosophy is what I love delving into. They are called the "  Patanjali Sutras".


With almost two decades of experience teaching meditation/hypnotherapy and working with clients from all over the world who have experienced progress in overcoming both physical and mental challenges with different healing modalities, I am very passionate and  willing to help you find a technique that works for you to soothe your mind, body and connect with the divine within you.

" So within, so without"


“Qi” pronounced “chi” simply means energy and “Gong” means skill. It is a holistic system of synchronized body movement, breathing, and meditation which is believed to promote health, fitness and wellbeing.


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