Alive with Adwiti

Sound Therapist

Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy

7 sacred metals. 7 seas away. Hand hammered by artisans  deep in the villages of the Himalayas,


each blessed bowl

with sacred chants of compassion, wisdom,  peace, prosperity, and love.

I am bringing to you from my home– Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy.


I love Yoga for the way it helps me come to a beautiful place of equanimity.

Yoga is a practice which involves the mind, the body and mainly your “prana” which means life force. Its historical origins are rooted in ancient Indian philosophy.

The philosophy is what I love delving into. They are called the "  Patanjali Sutras".


With almost two decades of experience teaching meditation/hypnotherapy and working with clients from all over the world who have experienced progress in overcoming both physical and mental challenges with different healing modalities, I am very passionate and  willing to help you find a technique that works for you to soothe your mind, body and connect with the divine within you.

" So within, so without"


“Qi” pronounced “chi” simply means energy and “Gong” means skill. It is a holistic system of synchronized body movement, breathing, and meditation which is believed to promote health, fitness and wellbeing.


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About Adwiti


Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, in Darjeeling, India, Adwiti inherited an intrinsic peace within her. Surrounded by the intense beauty of nature, she grew up with Buddhist monks, Hindu priests, and was educated at a Catholic school, yes… with Catholic nuns too! The diversity in philosophies taught Adwiti the importance of tolerance and the path of least resistance. The upbringing was fundamentally about the ebb and flow of life, of deep reflections, positive thoughts, and awareness of speech, living life with enhanced flexibility and most of all, giving without an expectation, which is now referred to as “the law of attraction”. These ideas sinking deeply in theory in her mind, she traveled to…

Hong Kong, Malaysia and Meditation

Fascinated by the mind and its immense power thereof, Adwiti embarked on a journey around the world looking for answers and resolutions. The glitz and glamour of Hong Kong was her next stop as she traveled and devoured the dynamism, the philosophies, the traditions and the way of life of different cultures around the world.

While working in Hong Kong, she became increasingly disillusioned by the grandiose lifestyle so she took off to Malaysia to study, intensely awakening meditation with Dr Yong. It was there that she quickly began to realize the effect her spirit had and the genuine love she felt for all people.

Spearheaded by her teachings with Dr. Yong, she was able to help people have breakthroughs with their lives as her emerging gifts as an empowerer evolved. She developed her meditation skills at dawn on the shores with Dr. Yong as a daily practice. After she had learned all she could from him, it was time for her to say good bye…


USA was familiar to her; she immediately took a liking to the friendly people of the south in the Gulf Coast. Falling in love with the place and finding the love of her life came naturally. She delved into and quickly mastered Real Estate making it to top producer within a year, but her inner desire was yet to be met.

Amalgamating the knowledge she had inherited and acquired, she studied Neuro- linguistic Programming (NLP) studied and became a Certified Hypnotherapist and combined it all to become a Life Strategies Mentor which really doesn’t begin to describe all that she does.

Let’s face it, we all become stuck at one point or another in our lives. Getting unstuck can seem impossible and be like an albatross around our necks. If you need help in moving past something, in getting unstuck, in resolving past issues, in making a decision; rather than putting yourself through further agony and getting nowhere why not get in touch with the truly talented, gifted, highly regarded Adwiti.

E-mail Adwiti today [email protected] and join the hundreds of others who have experienced release from their inner turbulence? Discover today why others are praising her for yourself.

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