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A beautiful summer’s day, you are wearing the swim suit of your choice, you are basking in the sun and absolutely enjoying the slim, healthy sexy you! Imagine the color of your swimsuit or bikini, the waves slowly caressing your toes and the gentle breeze blowing your hair. You feel confident, you feel positive and self-assured and absolutely wonderful!
Imagine this:
You are shopping and all the cute clothes that you have imagined yourself in, is now fitting you. You love to go shopping, because you look great in whatever you choose to wear. You feel good! Feel the confidence; see the color of the clothes. Imagine yourself fitting into that little black dress that you have been saving to wear for that special occasion. Imagine yourself in front of the mirror admiring your beautiful, fit and healthy figure.
Visualize this:
Fit, healthy and hearty! Maybe you are running a marathon, maybe you are dancing away in those high heel shoes, and maybe you are doing the Zumba or the Rumba without being even a wee bit breathless. See yourself athletic, toned, slim and trim and enjoying life to the fullest, with great vigor and satisfaction.
How about transforming this into REALITY. In this eight week course you will break through some barriers that block you from achieving your heart’s desire.
Everything in this world is about cause and effect. Weight gain is a product of a habit that the subconscious is indulging in, and although you try to work at it on a conscious level or the surface of the problem, the solution is not at the surface. It is deeply embedded inside your mind. This is the reason why diets may work only temporarily, this is the reason why a lot of weight loss attempts fail. Every body knows how to lose weight, it is no rocket science, but still find it hard to follow through.
Let me help you dissolve these issues and release this weight for good!
Session 1
Goal setting with intention and purpose. Determining what you sincerely desire. Resolving issues between what you want and what is stopping you from attaining the desired result. Sometimes the subconscious mind (the feeling mind) may not be in harmony with the conscious mind (the logical mind). When they are not in agreement then the results are bound to be confusing. First week we will establish what we truly want.
Session 2
Discern your eating habits? What is your pattern? Why do you eat when you are not hungry? Eating is a pattern. We will understand and identify the reason of your emotional hunger and your eating habits. Habit is formed by routine and practiced behavior, and this can be changed fundamentally. You will learn ways to change your eating triggers and keep a food journal.
Session 3
The weight release journal will be your happy companion. You will be given tools to overcome obstacles and to receive and appreciate the goodness that actually replaces the weight eventually. You will keep track of the food you are eating and will be quite surprised to know how much filler food you are really eating that with little or no nutrients. Keeping the journal will center you. You will learn positive thinking and manifestation.
Session 4
Creative Visualization. This is the tool that I am going to share with you. Used in the right way , you can attract success, happiness and make your dreams come true. Throughout the eight week course we will be using this instrument as the primary tool for your success. You will learn about the power of the subconscious mind and the part it plays in your daily life and how you can use it to gain confidence and true success .
Session 5
Science of affirmation Special method to transform the quality of information you hold in your subconscious: What Are Affirmations?
A simple definition from Wikipedia states:
“An affirmation is a form of autosuggestion in which a statement of a desirable intention or condition of the world or the mind is deliberately meditated on and/or repeated in order to implant it in the mind.”
Chemical pathway in the brain making the connection stronger between two neurons. Say something and the brain will acknowledge it and then transmit it to action.
Session 6
Throughout this entire process, you will be rebuilding, you will become empowered and stronger than ever before, you will have greater self esteem and will feel and have more control of your life and emotions if you follow the assignments given diligently. By using deep meditative techniques you will make changes with your relationship with food without much trauma or serious disturbances in your life. The transformation is wholesome but essentially it is going back to your true self once again.
Session 7
Reevaluating your Goals and making sure that you are on track. Checking on weekly goals and consolidating your success in the past seven weeks. Truly feeling gratitude. Learning the real method of self talk. How to harness the power of your words to lead you to the result your desire.
Session 8
Every session will end with a deep meditation and powerful creative visualization.
This is the path to permanent weight loss. This is not a let’s get skinny quickly for a wedding or for a temporary fix, this is not a crash diet. This is about changing your relationship with food for good. Eight weeks is a good time to transform the aged old habit of doing something without awareness. How about we change this pattern of eating well, becoming healthy and fit and full of vitality and energy which is the very first essence of wealth, because without health and energy you have no wealth! Let us take a stand and become healthy and aware of the relationship we have with food.
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