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When you truly and wholeheartedly accept yourself, only then can you move forward.

Acceptance is such a powerful position to operate from. When you accept yourself for whom you are and your own talents, the platform that you are functioning from, is limitless.

When you have the consent to have a deep agreement with self ,then you are completely free  and life becomes harmonious with the whole.
Society and its labels has thrust so much pressure on what it has collectively seen as success, that we have ignored our own idea of success. Once we accept who we truly are then we will be able to find our real place in life, when you find the REAL place in your life, then you can authentically move forward.

Conversely if you are in denial, then you are not really living your own life. If you are prevaricating in accepting  “you” then you will be wavering in your direction. If you don’t agree with yourself, the outer experiences in your life will be disagreeing with you as well,further bringing into the foregroud more perceived challenges than actual internal victories. But, when you are aligned with the knowledge of self, then the pathway opens up to infinite possibilities, because you are strictly working from your own version of life and living.

What happens when you completely accept yourself?

  • You start to find love for yourself, when  you love yourself….
  • You begin to see love everywhere ….
  • When you stop judging yourself, when you stop judging yourself….
  • You stop judging others and situations….
  • When you stop judging others and the situations, you are at peace with yourself and others.

So own yourself today. Love all your triumphs and foibles and enjoy being yourself. Feel the  freedom of Acceptance.  Remember, Acceptance is not a burden you carry but a beautiful gift you give  to yourself .

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