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Greetings mothers,

Tuesday and it is just the beginning of the week! I know how that feels, I am enjoying the triumphs of my clients today and listening to their stories. 

But yesterday I had an opportunity to be heard. I was talking to a friend of mine whom  I have not been in touch with for a long time. The most touching and interesting part of the conversation was not the conversation although it was delightful, it was her listening skills that got me.

She was patient, she gave me enough time to complete my whole thought and then spoke up when she felt I had enough time to express myself, there was no  hint of impatience, or trying to get her point across aggressively, she was one with me. When I felt that oneness with her, I was able to do exactly the same for her, I have always been known as a good listener ( I love it and I also have to be, with the work I do), but when it was demonstrated to me in this way, it made me feel loved and completely engaged in the moment.

Are you a good listener?  Communication is not just about talking and having your feelings and words heard, a whole lot of it goes into listening too, it is a two way street. Listening can really bring a huge part of calm in your lives, because you are simultaneously receiving and giving. 

Have you listened to yourself, your heart lately? I request you to take a moment now and just listen to you, your depth, your imagination and your wisdom. There is a wealth of resource, right there within you.

The power of listening is very simple. Listen with your heart and understand  what people are saying and sometimes their words might be saying something different than their hearts, so feel with your heart and invoke the guidance to respond accordingly.

Today, I can invite you to do some active listening without expectations from them or from yourself with your husband, your child, your friend or even your neighbor and enjoy the fruits!

Mothers I would also like to invite you to browse through my website and download some meditations for your peace of mind!

I believe in you and I know you will make breakthroughs, as you have done before. I specialize in helping people make that critical shift from where they are to where they want to be.
Until tomorrow my beautiful readers, mothers, friends and perhaps foes J Listen with your hearts and if you want someone to listen to you, I am only a phone call 609-1251 or an e-mail [email protected] away.
As usual if you have any questions or comments I am here to help you!
I am a Life Coach and I teach moms and anyone else (also via Skype sessions) to make that internal  leap from where you are to where you want to be in the external world from achieving your most audacious dreams to finding  profound success , fulfillment and inner peace. Check out my testimonials and invest in yourself and let us make that leap forward!!
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2 thoughts on “ARE YOU A GOOD LISTENER?”

  1. what a lovely read that was, early morn! thank you adwiti…you continue to amaze me! wish i could get some CDs here for my friends and others who i think need them big time!

    much love n more…


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