Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach

Greetings Mothers,
Today has been a day filled with challenges! My faithful PC decided to take  a hiatus and my laptop acting like wants to follow suit. My commitment to writing  a blog a day still holds me has me writing today with my Blackberry!

Talking about commitment, it is something that you decide t do with your heart that no matter  what you mke it happen!

I had appointments all day, and right now I am at my daughter’s rehearsal for tomorrow’s recital. I am writing  uring breaks!

When you decide you will not let any impediments come in bin between your decision! I am amazed at how I am ble to atually write with my blackberry!

The four year olds are dancing to “Sing, sing
 a song, sing out loud” and they look adorable!

Have you ever made that leap, that jump, that decision herethat there is no looking back?

Today moms, what do you want to make that decision on? What needs immediacy,  a habit you want to break or dissolve, or a brand new habit you want to formthata goal you have been waiting to acheive. Today, feel the strength of the decision weaving into your heart, feel the resolution becoming more and more stronger within your being.

Today, don’t wait for the perfect time ,

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