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Greetings Mothers and everyone who reads my blog,

So, yesterday  this very charming mom friend of mine, enjoyed a few moments of adult talk with me in the din bustle of kids playing in the park. A birthday party in full swing and she says 

“ Yesterday when I was talking to you , I think I said something that I entirely thought I said it in my head but it came out wrong…”

“What were you trying to say?” I asked.

“ When I meant above, I meant North west.” She closed her eyes as if thinking deeply and  looking at me intensely, took a deep breath and then came a little closer and said “ This is what happens to me a lot of times, I say something but I mean something else.” She tossed her head with a half smile and pursed her lips tight!

“Ahhh..” I said.

But before we could proceed with the conversation, we  were  called for the cutting of the birthday cake and the conversation came to an abrupt halt! All mothers are familiar with that right?

This conversation catapulted me into thinking about all the conversations we have with everything and everyone in our lives, especially with the Universe. 

How can you communicate the real meaning to your loved ones, to your friends and everyone you meet? By keeping it simple! Ask yourself quickly. What do I want from this interaction? Do I want to be assertive, do I want to be communicate love, like, dislike? Articulate first in your mind and then converse. 

What are you communicating with the Universe. If you are clear about what you want, then the Universe will offer it to you. The way you are communicating with the Universe is through your thoughts. Keep your thoughts specific, simple, pure and direct. 

I am here for you helping you step by step to communicate with you the way you really should to get powerful results in your life.


My name is Adwiti Subba Haffner and I am a Life Coach. I teach moms and anyone else (also via Skype sessions) to make that internal leap from where you are to where you want to be in the external world from achieving your most audacious dreams to finding profound success , fulfillment and inner peace. Check out my testimonials and invest in yourself and let us make that leap forward!!

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