Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach

Greetings Mothers,

Day 3 and my computer is still in the repair shop! I am holding my commitment and still writing my blog with my smart phone!

Thank you for your patience!

Attuning to divine guidance is a very powerful feeling and requires an amazing amount of surrendering and trusting the unknown.

When we listen with heart centeredness to the guidance we have told that all will be beautiful and synchronize, but when it comes to recognizing this guidance it gets to be confusing.

What are you supposed to listen to? Is it your feelings? Is it your emotions? Is it your fear? Is it your voice of logic? We have so many voices that it is really confusing as to which is the divine one!

This requires absolute faith and an open mind and a strong engagement in the process of asking and then listening , receiving and accepting!

This also requires a great deal of stepping away from the EGO,maybe in the form of our own opinion or how we want our lives to look like in our terms verses the terms in collaboration with the Universe.

While praying is actively talking to God/Universe, meditation is listening and silencing and opening to the infinite possibilities of life and living. So meditation is a big part of learning to be guided by the great Divine.

When you are guided, it is very much like a flowing river, magnetically pulled by the Ocean, no real struggles and if there are struggles then it is a natural process of growth or movement for a greater good, but the flow is never forced or contrived.

When you are in engaged with the guidance you surrender to the beauty of life instead of opposing to the idea of what you think is beautiful in life.

I am surrendering to the beauty of enjoying helping my clients reach their true potential, watching my daughter shine in her recital, accept the enormous beauty of the Ocean crashing on my feet, letting the breeze caress my face and listening to the deep guidance of the Divine.

Until tomorrow mothers, I am as usual here to help you find the greatness within your heart!

My email address is [email protected] My website is www.alivewithadwiti.com and my phone number is 1-251-6091251 I have enjoyed writing this blog today and appreciating my little smart phone all you guys reading this, infinite blessings to you and your whole family! Namaste*

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