Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach

Greetings Mothers and all who are reading my blog ,

If I had to get everything done in a day that I want to do, then I would have to wake up at 4 AM and sleep at 3 AM.  Exercise, yoga, meditate, write, read, study, cook, clean, go to the beach and enjoy the sugar white sand, take care of my daughter and spend ample time with her, be a wonderful wife by spending time with my husband and then top it up with working with my lovely clients.

Since I cannot fit everything thing into my busy schedule I choose the ones  that mean most to me and rotate it around. It makes for a wonderful life. I choose to go to the beach today!
                                                  Peaceful Beach

The sugar white beaches are calling me  today and I will indulge on a little Rest and Relaxation , giving myself the much needed “me” time. I will bring my Milan Kundera book “Laughable Loves” and enjoy his dreamy style of writing, where I feel that I am suspended in some kind of psychedelic light work of words and images, he draws me away from everyday happenings and takes me to this mysterious world filled with dreams and absurd emotional experiences that  expands my mind – to uncomfortable depths and extensions.

I invite you today, Saturday to go on a date with yourself and do something that you have been longing to do and then let’s talk tomorrow.

The sugar white sands and umbrella in hand I was there.

I am also putting together a ladies retreat here at the beach…Spa, massage, yoga at the beach, yummy health food and group sessions with me to reach your potential through inner harmony!


My name is Adwiti Subba Haffner and I am a Life Coach. I teach moms and anyone else (also via Skype sessions) to make that internal leap from where you are to where you want to be in the external world from achieving your most audacious dreams to finding profound success , fulfillment and inner peace. Check out my testimonials and invest in yourself and let us make that leap forward!!


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