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Sunday and the day has been a little hectic with chores, some Skype sessions and taking care of my daughter. She always wants to help me cook and I, as a mom just want to get it done, especially when I am making some Nepalese or Indian delicacies  where the preparation can be tedious work involving chopping, mincing, washing, cleaning, gathering the spices and then standing over the stove stirring.

I was chopping tomatoes, she wanted to slice them, nagging me about it. She wanted to peel the garlic and was tugging at my apron wanting attention. I was resisting. I wanted to be done so I could focus on the next thing. I asked her to leave the kitchen and occupy herself in some other way.

I was going to cook some quinoa instead of rice, so I walked over to the pantry and while pulling out the quinoa, the packet of flour which was in front of the quinoa fell on the floor upside down and now besides cooking I had a big mess to clean up. Cleaning flour in every nook and cranny of the kitchen and pantry floor was not how I wanted to spend my Sunday!

My daughter ran to my aid, and the quick thinker that she is, said that the bulk of the flour should be cleaned with a broom and a dustpan. She ran to get it and cleaned the major part of it. I vacuumed the rest of the powder, admiring our team work.

So I taught her how to cook watercress  with garlic, chili, turmeric and tomatoes. She loved the smell of garlic cooked in some olive oil, she stood over the fire and learned to stir the watercress over the tomatoes so they can get steamed with the juices. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing matching aprons and bonding over this beautiful moment. We were flowing with life.

WATERCRESS cooked with the help of my daughter!

Sometimes I get a little worked up about everything being just so and my daughter has always been able to show me to “surrender” without actually knowing that she is doing it. She is my reflection – as everything and everybody is in a subtle level. I look at her as the micro of the macro. She is the closest reflection of my life at large.

When I am stressed or hassled, she senses that and opposes everything I ask her to do. She can feel my resistance and makes me instantly aware that I am not going with the natural flow of life. When I am blinded by the heat of the moment and keep insisting on the resistance, I expend more energy trying to get what I want from her and get vehemently countered with as many reflections of my frustrations. Life does the same to you and me.

When I am relaxed she automatically extends the soothing flow and our frequencies match and we don’t even have to say anything to each other, we just know. This is how your relationship with life should be.

I want you to look at your connections closely and  examine the similarities that you are experiencing in the way life is treating you. In the very top layer, the physical realm you have to become extremely conscious to notice the subtleties that the deeper relationship with yourself is bringing to you from your life, into your life.

There has been a bit of confusion between surrendering and giving up. So, here is the easiest way I can explain from my experience.

Giving up means giving away your power to the outside forces. Surrendering means having the power to allow the outside forces to work for you. So giving up in this case with my daughter would mean “ she does not listen to me, so I am going to give up and let her not  listen to me”.  Surrendering means “ I am going to give her the power to listen to me and act accordingly.” The slight shift in perception changes the energy all together and before you know it, you are flowing with the energy of the Universe.

So surrender your life to the Universe, let the power of the Universe help you achieve whatever you desire because that is its ultimate goal. The ego prevents that from happening and creates tension, worry, anger , frustration and feelings of lack. All these emotions generate more of the same effects in your everyday life.

Just for today, I want you to let go and forget that you are in charge. Plan things from your heart but don’t get attached to its results, let the Universe bring you the results the way it is meant to.

Until tomorrow mothers, surrender!
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