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Greetings beautiful beings J,
To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” Louis B. Smedes
Today’s statuses in Facebook was agog with forgiveness, so I thought it might be a message for me. I know of people who are truly organized and schedule a whole weeks blogging-not me. I write what moves me now and that has worked so far.
Today let us nurture your heart. Your heart is like a beautiful flower garden. Your mind is the fertile soil that forms the main foundation. Your thoughts, the seeds. Your feelings and emotions , the results of your creation.
For your heart to heal, you have to acknowledge what you feel. Accept that there is perhaps no one in this world who has never been hurt before, it is the nature of life.
Sometimes in the fertile soil of our mind, we bury our wounds deep inside, thinking that it will never show up, or never grow. What we don’t know is that this seed will root and the creation will show up perhaps as weeds or even parasites. 
Parasites have a shoot and a root system, but the root is almost like a whole new organ, the haustorium. This root  surreptitiously invades and infiltrates  the host root, very much like resentment or un-forgiveness.
The whole idea about forgiving starts from self. I believe we can forgive people or circumstances faster than we can forgive ourselves. We can justify their behavior but we are hard on ourselves and cannot believe that we let ourselves become so vulnerable.
1.    Acknowledge the hurt in your heart. Accept your need to let go of the pain and  resentment.
2.    What was the learning?
3.    Let go of the circumstance or the person that has given you so much pain. See the antipathy leaving your being and your heart becoming whole again.
4.     And the most important step, FORGIVE YOURSELF. Whatever happened, had to happen, it is in the past now. Forgiveness is more about self-appreciation,  than about the other person – for you are giving yourself some peace of mind by letting the hurt leave your heart.
5.    Feel the freedom and move forward with an open mind and a parasite free garden.
Plant beautiful seeds of love ,faith and courage.
As usual if you have any questions or comments I am here to help you!
I also share with women or anyone (also via Skype sessions) to identify and release the blockages that hold them back, to find within them the  empowerment to gain clarity of vision, achieve  their most audacious dreams and find profound success , fulfillment and peace.
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