Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach

Greetings Mothers, Both my computers are ailing so today I am honoring my writing commitment again this time with my IPOD. Seems like it is easier than yesterday. Today I am going to touch on gratitude. For sure, the laptop and my pc was totally taken for granted. It is not until you are threatened with the loss of something or whenyou outright lose it will one really start to value it. This applies for everything in your life. The flip side of this is that I am enjoying not having electronics at my fingertips. Are we dependent on it ? I seriously doubt it but do we want to be? The answer is YES! I am seriously appreciating the down time, reading and meditating and also actually talking on the phone with my friends as opposed to simply sending impersonal messages on FB or some social media. It is definitely reminiscent of those old times I guess! Not that I don’t move on with the times, believe me I do. I wish to emphasize the gratitude and the appreciation factor in your life. I could me utterly fitting over my situation right now but really I have chosen to feel the gratitude of the space and time I am getting despite all odds. Gratitude is such a powerful agreement with self that it instantly moves you from a state of lacking and needing to a lush state of having and receiving. I want you to contemplate on gratitude. What are five things you feel grateful about? And then write it down. I am here if you need me. My phone number is 2516091251, my website is or email me at [email protected] I help mothers and others make that leap from where they are to where they want to be. Until tomorrow enjoy a grateful day……

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