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Greetings Healthy Mothers,

I have a number of weight loss clients and although I am not a nutritionist I have read enough and also have enough sense to suggest a few things for a healthy life.

When I was growing up in Darjeeling, India I cannot remember eating much processed food at all. Everything was cooked fresh and almost all ingredients were minimally processed or not at all. Almost every health site is propounding this now.

The door bell would ring at the break of dawn, the milk man who had a personal relationship with all the houses that he delivered milk to , would be standing with a huge smile on his face. But, I also often heard him discuss about his various cows, his health issues, his financial concerns  to my aunt , who was an expert advice giver! Always a good way to start the day!  The day could not, would not start without fresh milk, because the famous Darjeeling tea was  then drunk with a touch of milk.

Photo by Lhadup Moktan , on his visit to Darjeeling 2009
Fresh green vegetables were brought to the door step by vegetable vendors from the farm or we would get it from the daily farmers market .

The winding roads downhill from Darjeeling to Kalimpong had made me a little nauseated, traveling from the high mountainous and cool region to warmer Kalimpong made me feel slightly uncomfortable. 

My aunt was taking me to visit her family. First stop was her younger sister’s place, we landed unannounced and were greeted by big smiles, expressive words of how happy they were to see us and then straight on to ” what would you like to eat?” 
I was starving from the two and a half hour journey down rocky roads and unfamiliar surroundings and because I was perhaps only ten then, I was feeling ever so slightly disoriented!
Then she tucked the loose top part of her sari around her waist, rolled it up a little so  it was more ankle length and opened her back door. The back yard was a field of fresh green vegetables, glistening in the afternoon Kalimpong sun! Besides the mustard greens, there was a corn field , a tomato patch and lots of chili peppers were abundantly growing in her garden.

She squatted down and picked fresh mustard greens from the garden and brought it in. She cooked what turned out to be one of  the most memorable meals of my life, perhaps because the vibrant colors excited my senses,  or the fresh taste that embraced my childhood days,  or that I was extremely hungry therefore vulnerable to a defining moment, but along with the fermented soy beans  that has become so synonymous to “good eats” and rice from the paddy fields, I can safely say I was never the same after that fresh home cooked meal. 
That freshness has never left my taste buds nor  the warmth I feel in my heart when I remember the overflowing happiness of a relative eager to see us and wanting to honor and love us from her pure heart.

Cooking for each other is such an act of love and whenever I asked my aunt how the food was so delicious, she always said ” secret ingredient is LOVE!”

I pretty much stayed close to the way we ate at home, eliminating most processed food, and it might be slightly more work, but the taste and the enjoyment of consuming fresh food makes you feel energetic and lively. 

Photo taken by Lhadup Moktan , Darjeeling 2009

Some of the benefits are :
1.   Maintaining a healthy weight.
2.   Feeling energetic and alert
3.     Healthy Glowing skin
4.   Strengthens your immune system
5.   Prevents many diseases, like heart attack, stroke
6.   Live a longer and healthier life
to name a few….
When I set up a plan for my weight release clients….I have realized that we are not dieting or going on a weight loss program, we are implementing a whole lifestyle change and it is a journey and a wonderful one.

Here is to healthy eating mothers and  all who are reading my blog.

My weight release clients have been very complimentary of the easy recipes that I have created so with their request I am going to compile a few healthy recipes and create an e-book for you to download in my website soon.
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