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Greetings beautiful beings,
I had a question asked by one of the beautiful mothers yesterday.
How does one release darkness / negative thoughts asap? It takes me up to 24 hours or longer to process & digest & finally let go of negative emotions. Is it possible to speed up the process of releasing & if so how?
Firstly, thank you so much for the question as it is extremely valid and also necessary, I have had this same question posed to me several times so I will address it here in my blog,  I am impressed that you can let go within 24 hours, sometimes it takes people lifetimes to be free from it J.
There are many ways to release negativity but I will give you five real steps to work through it!
1.     Becoming aware of the negative energy that is consuming your core peace is really the first step. A lot of times you can see and hear people reeking of negativity, but they have no clue they are immersed in it.
2.     Acceptance is the second step.There are negatives and positives in the world and we have to live with it. To think that only positive thoughts are in a person’s mind is delusional. Being a witness and receiving that feeling with no judgment is instrumental to the release.
3.     Realize that the ego causes all suffering in your mind. The spirit is eternally at peace and would do nothing to cause you any turmoil.
4.     Ask your spirit for the lesson from this negative experience?  Because you will keep attracting similar occurrences until you learn the lesson and move on from there. It is the Law of attraction at play. You attract what you are, not what you want. A few months ago I attracted a few angry people in my life and of course that depletes a person’s energy and I tried to take care of it, through a deeper level.   
a.     Spiritually sending them peace
b.     Replacing the angry feelings that I felt with light
c.     Imagining the dark energy leaving my body
 Once you know the REAL reason behind attracting the negatives you can start healing yourself!
5.     Now that you have been revealed with the genuine reason/lesson you can correct the error thought that has been creating that frequency in your life or in particular this moment. It can be lack, it can be anger, it can be general chaos, whatever it is that you are attracting, but when you change that in your heart then the outer world will change.  I have lots of clients come to me with these and I will be glad to help you align within so your life can regain the inner peace and balance.

 Now…Go back to a,b, and c.
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  1. Adwiti Haffner ~~ First of all thank u so much for your time & effort in responding.

    Secondly, Will put into practise the 5 steps & the abc’s the next negative situation plays up & will let u know how that goes. I want to ultimately be able to not hold the negativity at all not even for a moment so gotta practise a lot if it had to get it down from 24 hours or more.

    I particularly like the visualisation abc sequence.

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