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How to soothe yourself…….

It was 10 PM and I was in my pajamas, re-reading and deliciously enjoying Autobiography of a Yogi, which had transported me to another world of mystics and miracles. I was reading that part where Paramahansa Yogananda goes to meet the woman Yogi who never eats.

My phone started ringing and somehow it always manages to have an urgent  tone , so  I had to extricate myself from the book as well as the mood to pick up the phone. I checked the caller ID and it was a friend of mine going through some bad times. She has frequent anxiety attacks and needs someone to soothe her.

My backyard..this is where I sit and change my perspective, balance, heal…
We spoke for about half an hour and I was able to help calm her down.

I also gave her some helpful tips to self soothe herself and she said that it was really effective in managing her stress level. I thought it would be a good idea to teach those tips for some people who are struggling to cope with anxiety and stress issues.

I advise you to make full use of all your senses because those are the very elements that produce stress.

1.     Change your perspective, by changing your venue. Even going to a different room helps sometimes. Take a walk into nature and feel its capacity to heal, transform , withstand and thrive. You are part of nature! 
2.     Listen to happy music, listen to music that soothes you. Dance, exercise.  Listen to the waves of the ocean or the sound of the rustling of the leaves, perhaps the sound of crickets..just be mindful and let the sounds soothe you..surrender to the sound and always know in your heart that if you can go into anxiety mode, you can choose to become calm. Listen to some of my meditation Downloads..they are 10% off now 🙂

3.     Meditate..drop into the deep stillness of the heart and connect with the Divine.
4.     Mantra- Mantra literally means instrument of the mind. How are you playing the instrument. Become aware of how you are communicating with yourself. If you have a problem remember it will not get solved by intensifying your worry. Be of clear mind and know that you are not in control of outside circumstances. Be free in your mind.
5.     Look at the mirror and tell yourself “ I am strong and I can handle this. Everything will be alright.”

Tomorrow I will tackle the age old tension booster “worry”.

And Remember I BELIEVE in you!
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