Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach

Greetings Lovely beings,

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If you have been reading my blogs, if you have been waking up with gratitude in your heart, if you have read your declaration  powerfully every day, you should be feeling the awakening now, you should be feeling the vibrations of goodness and love right now.

Remember when you start feeling all the goodness in your heart, divinely radiating the luminosity, you will see the outer reaction of the world around you.
If you have not felt or seen the vision slowly take shape  in the outer world, it will soon, be patient and consistent.

Just keep expressing gratitude and happiness, feel the power of love and fill your heart with genuine appreciation of being.
When your wisdom faculty opens up to the consciousness , it awakens  insight  from all senses and your ability to connect with the energies of the Universe, where infinite knowledge, unhindered intuition flows with ease into your existence.
Let Spirit take over your life today, follow its guidance to true success and fulfillment.
Until tomorrow,
With awakened expressions of love,
Adwiti  Subba Haffner

My name is Adwiti Subba Haffner and I am a Life Coach. I teach moms and anyone else (also via Skype sessions) to make that internal leap from where you are to where you want to be in the external world from achieving your most audacious dreams to finding profound success , fulfillment and inner peace. Check out my testimonials and invest in yourself and let us make that leap forward!!
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