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Greetings beautiful beings,
Expecting to feel like a million dollars when you wake up every day is almost impossible. As humans we have our ups and downs, the ebb and flow, especially as women we have our monthly cycles to negotiate with every month. We must nurture our sense of “feel good’ and worthiness as a cumulative effort to reach our true worthiness within.

Our success in every walk of our lives is like a sack with a drawstring. The tighter you close the drawstring the lesser is allowed inside the sack. We always have the option to fully open the sack, or undo the drawstring altogether.

                                       Lost in desert

 We sometimes have to make a conscious effort to find and appreciate our own loveliness within ourselves. I admit sometimes it can get hard to do that, so I have a suggestion. You can enlist your dearest friend, brother, sister to help you.

E-mail, text, call a close friend and ask him/her to send you a 5 things that they love and appreciate about you. Tell your friend that you will return this favor immediately. It is a fun game to play with your children, too. I play this game with my daughter quite often. The most favorite thing she loves about me is that I am the greatest “cuddler” in the whole wide world. That absolutely makes me feel magnificent!

                                       Evening by the beach 2
I did this with a friend of mine who was feeling a little down, while driving to work one day. Her whole paradigm shifted and her heart became more alive.

I caught a sentence from one of the episodes of “Avatar-the last Air bender”, which my daughter was watching (she even has Avatar dreams).

“It is good to believe in yourself, but sometimes it is not enough and you need some help from your friends” ..Uncle Iroh

                                                      Two girls on Marina beach, chennai
So let your friends believe in you sometimes when your own starts to waver, so you can rebuild your own, stronger than ever.
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