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Greetings mothers,

Mirth, gaiety and laughter is being served up today, in a plate decorated with joy. 
I had a session today with a beautiful client. After the initial interview with me we sat down for some serious work.

But the more serious I got the more she started giggling. At first I was a little surprised and I thought she may not be ready for this huge change/transformation in her life. I asked her if she wanted to proceed and she said she was quite determined to get the most of the session.

I know sometimes that giggling can be a form of nervousness, so I tried calming her. That did not work.

I decided to continue despite her giggling, and quickly found out that she had not laughed heartily in a long, long time. She said she has not felt comfortable enough to laugh merrily with anyone, as there was so much tension and frustration around her life.

So, we laughed the rest of the session and she promised to embrace the humor in her life!
Did you know that Merriment and laughter  has great advantages?
Here are a few:
1.    When you laugh you are reducing those nasty stress hormones and releasing endorphins into your system. This is the feel good hormone, so  you feel really cheerful.
2.    Lowers blood pressure.
3.    The only thing better than a good cry is a good laugh. Laughter has a cleansing quality to it, providing a wonderful emotional release.
4.    Laughter is a good calorie burner, it gives your abs, your diaphragm  , your waist line a good workout. I have laughed so hard that the next day by stomach muscles have ached.
5.    Laughter is a good way to connect with your heart, with the people around you and to give yourself the gift of joy.

How about an assignment for you moms.
Laugh heartily today, find something funny to share with your friends, laugh with your family, bring the joy of childhood into your lives. Make a comment to make me and the other readers laugh! 🙂

Write yourself a prescription of laughter and then take the dose without any limitations. Laugh with gay abandon and bring the delight back into your life. Approach living with a great sense of humor and guess what? Life will laugh with you and you will have a merry time with it.

Until tomorrow mothers, laugh like a child! 

As usual if you have any questions or comments I am here to help you!
I teach moms (also via Skype sessions) to identify and release the blockages that hold them back, to find within them the  empowerment to gain clarity of vision, achieve  their most audacious dreams and find profound success, fulfillment and peace.
©alivewithadwiti LLC
©alivewithadwiti LLC
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1 thought on “LAUGH LIKE A CHILD!”

  1. So true!!
    Laughter is truly good medicine!
    I LOVE the picture you added with the happy baby! Just looking at that makes me overjoyed!
    I wanted to also touch on what you posted about your client laughing while in the session with you. I remember many years ago when I was a student learning the art of energy healing I had to first be healed myself. This was back when these things we are doing all of us in the healing arts that is was not as common as it is today.
    I went in for my first session and my teacher was truly amazing. As the process was underway I started giggling and couldn’t control it for the life of me lol. I felt so silly and rude at the same time. I apologized for not being able to stop and she was so patient and told me that was actually quite normal.
    She explained that once the energy field of the human body and energy centers that are sometimes called “Chakras” are being cleared and tuned correctly where all blockages are being removed there is a sudden onset of joy and laughter. It is being the state of being open to have the positive energy come rushing in. Some people go years without ever really experiencing the full force of this. They only have a small amount really coming in.
    It is also interesting to note that just being in the presence of one who has that positive and healing energy flowing forth from them can immediately have this effect and I know for certain as a Psychic & Empathic that this is so true of you Adwiti. The energy that comes forth into the world just by your being in it is all enveloping and any soul in your presence will automatically respond to it : )

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