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The sun flooded the morning and woke me up way before I wanted to, groggy and dragging myself out of the bed I asked my husband if there was any rain in the radar. “Nope…not for a long while” he said.

After doing my gratitude journal, I sauntered into the kitchen to make some coffee, hoping my daughter was still asleep so I could get some work done before she woke up.
“Hi mom, snuggle in the sofa?” I was greeted by her ever effervescent energy and enthusiasm to corner me into snuggling with her any time of the day or night. I do love that, but there was a lot of work that had to be completed and my mind was scattered into many directions.

“Mama…” she said “c’mon…let us snuggle and then play!”

I reluctantly agreed to her demands, all the while hoping that she would find an exciting book that would occupy her for at least an hour. She didn’t! I was the book! Being an only child she often sees me as her playmate and I try and am there for her as much as possible.

My daughter had by now tackled me to the ground and was starting to wrestle with me, when my enthusiasm was quickly waning as my mind was  moving in several directions. She stopped and in between giggles said “aren’t you having fun Mama? C’mon mama has some fun….fun…” And she created a Broadway type of song for me ( she is going to  theater camp right now). 

It was a crucial reminder for me! Often when our mind is teeming with things to do and living for the next moment, FUN seems to be locked out of our lives. So I just decided to open that locked door and just have fun with my six year old.

Having fun is such an important lesson and looking at kids, they naturally do things that they love to do and love doing them. I asked my daughter to clean up the room, she pretended she was Cinderella and when most of her room was picked up, she was the princess!

Having fun also is a huge stress reliever. Having fun requires imagination and a good dose of “letting go”. If you are still wondering how to do that, then look at a child at play-gay abandon!  
I am having fun writing this piece!

So, now the unpredicted rain clouds are filling the sky… I was even blessed with a slight sprinkle from the rain Goddess this morning. I am happy!

Thank you for reading my blogs and opening yourself to your true potential. While doing that lets have some FUN! Call me or e-mail me for sessions to open up to your true potential.

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