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I recently had a client ask me this question and since this is a common challenge that we face I thought I would address it here in my blog and make it interesting as well as informative.

This was the question:
“Should I stop dreaming of what I want… the more I think about and visualize it, the more painful it seems to get. I know I’m supposed to look at what I have got but this lack seems to be in my face… if I disregard it can I cope better? Let me know what you think – am I trying too hard?”

First of all, thank you so much for this question because it plagues us in all spheres of our lives, the more we try the harder it gets and the harder it gets the more frustrated the journey becomes. This is actually a very good sign. It means that you are becoming aware of yourself.

Here are a few suggestions which have personally worked for me:

1. Contrary to popular belief about thinking positive and pushing all negatives aside, I would ask you to actually accept this feeling. Feelings arise for a reason, they want to be heard and felt. Receive this feeling with no judgment of self. Write it down in your journal as a stream of consciousness venting out, after you have done that let it go, like a cloud passing in the sky. This may take a while and a little bit of practice but in time you will learn to accept receive and then release. Attachment to the feeling is the primary cause of frustration and anger.

2. Frustration is like a wheel, the more you move it the faster it will take you to your destination. Remember the Law of attraction? The law of attraction in the simplest way explained is, you attract what you are-not what you want. This rings true through and through. If you want love then you are in a state of want, so the Universe will provide you with more “want” instead of love. In the same token, when you are frustrated, your energy will draw more frustrating circumstances and experiences in your life instead of what you want.

3. When you are visualizing and manifesting, you are not trying to make anything happen. This is not science, this is an art. The secret to visualization is to let go of the attachment of what you just imagined and let the infinite organizing power of the Universe take care of the details. I almost think of it like a request that I make to my mother and trust that she knows best o give it to when the time is right!

Let Go

4. Let go of your control of timing, of circumstances and experiences in your life. Present moment awareness is the source of all happiness. After all, you only have this present moment with you. The past is over, why live in it? The future is intangible, why bank on it? At any given moment, anything can happen! Be in the moment and realize that you can choose a good moment right now.

5. If you are attached to an exact outcome, it is hard to release that and accept whatever happens to you. Complacency is not what I am referring to here. The Universe actually wants what you want in the deepest level of your being. In the surface level, you may want a certain thing but in the deepest level you may not be quite ready for that result. This I have learnt from my own experience. Trust in the intelligence of the Universe and be open to opportunities that will support your growth and development. When all levels of your being is ready, the gift will be presented to you in the most unexpected of ways.

Have faith. Have fun. Let go of the outcome. Give what you want and receive what you can’t. You are poised with purpose and one with the source.

Until next time, call me, email me or simply ask me a question. I am glad to be of service to you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity! You know where to find me.

Have a joyful day,

Adwiti Subba Haffner

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Some of the things that clients are saying
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