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Wonderful Greetings Moms,

When you release the judgment of self then you give yourself the permission to be you.
Judgment is the experience of not having met a certain expectation of either the situation or the person. As mothers we want to achieve so much. There is always something in the plate for us, and on top of that we have to be this amazing role model for our kids.
So sometimes we feel we must perhaps pretend for the sake of our kids, to be who we are not. Keeping up appearances can only spiritually impair us. The energy spent in being who we are not takes up a lot more creativity away from our true nature.
How can we be authentic? How can we, as mothers share our flaws and foibles with our children? How can we bring the spirit of being ourselves as role models to our children?
I just got back from “I can Do it” seminar presented by Hay House.  Wayne Dyer says let your children fail in things that they are attempting, because this shows that they are trying and failing is just a perception, and winning is just part of the game. The society nowadays has put so much pressure in winning and doing that the beauty of participating is not even recognized. The idea of corporation verses competition should be expressed more, so stress on kids are alleviated and well as for the parents.
So, tell yourself it is OK for the kids to see Mommy or Daddy fail sometimes. What is failing? It is simply a judgment call! Someone’s failure can be another one’s triumph.
I agree with you about becoming amazing role models for our children, but what is an amazing role model when it is simply a role, an illusion? Wouldn’t you as a mother want to be authentic and real with your child? And what is authentic and real? Our natural state is that of joy, love and happiness.
The misconception is that we think happiness and joy is something we attain or accomplish. But think of the last time you accomplished something, how long did that euphoric feeling last? Was it temporary and when you were in that “success” place was it what you had imagined it would be? Everything is temporary except what is within us.
The only way to feel that joy, that state of natural bliss is to move into it. How can you experience this state? By dropping all judgments of self. And even if it is for a brief moment let the bliss move into you, remember it happens little by little. Take it easy on yourself as well as others and know that all is well within the divine organization of the Universe.
Here is to being the real you..mothers.
As usual if you have any questions or comments I am here to help you! I also help moms via Skye sessions release limiting beliefs of themselves so they can really find profound success , fulfillment and peace.
Until tomorrow..
Adwiti Subba Haffner 


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