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Morning Beautiful ,
Today the sun is sparkling like strewn diamonds all across the leaves of trees and the foliage that surrounds my writing window.  The  rain yesterday has washed away the specs, the dirt and I am here watching the gleaming freshness of a spring morning! I love the way the breeze waltzes with the trees, nature is so intrinsically  entertaining and absorbing. Nature teaches me again and again about the power of now. The moment is significant only when we live it significantly and it does not have to be a dramatic event, it can simply be, becoming conscious of the deep knowledge that you are here, this particular moment in time.
So much energy has been expounded in bringing you here to this very moment and  as I wrote that, the breeze picked up some speed, made her way through my window  reached her long fingers to caress my face, I send some gratitude.
                                                                                               View from my window
Yesterday, I loved hearing the orchestra of the rain, this gave the family a good excuse to lay around in the sofa, eat popcorn with braggs and nutritional yeast on it ( yummy stuff, and a good alternative to butter and cheese or caramel).
We watched Return of the Jedi. A particular scene, perhaps the most famous one, moved me again and I thought I would share it with you.  This is where Yoda is teaching Skywalker about having  Faith.
Here is the link:
Yoda says  “ you must unlearn what you have learned”.  We have so many negative impressions of ourselves imprinted in our subconscious mind that we start believing in that and  we sadly start  living from that premise of “I can’t doism”.  Slowly train your mind to “ I can do” and yes, I am  here to help you!
The next impressive line is “No, try not- DO- or Do not- there is no try!
 And when Yoda demonstrates his mind power and succeeds in pulling out the vehicle from the swamp, Luke says “ I don’t believe it” Yoda replies in typical Yoda fashion “ Luke, that is why you fail!”  This sent shivers down my spine .
Granted this is a movie, but  even Jesus said “ If you have faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains!”
Today, I invite and encourage my friends, mothers and anybody reading this blog to move into Faith, to invite faith to move into your heart and reside within you forever and ever. Having faith is such an abstract concept but I ask you to now remember a time when things were all falling apart for you and somehow things pulled together because somewhere in the deep recesses of your heart you had a tiny ray of hope and faith and today if anyone reading this is in the position where things are just not right, even if you are having difficulty believing I am going to believe it for you, that everything will be okay and you will pull through this. Just find a moment to pray, to be grateful and to love yourself.
Set an intention, write it down, make a commitment for something that you have been wanting to happen and has not happened because of your doubt in yourself! Let today spark that belief back in you and yes, let me know the results.

Cross the bridge and meet FAITH square in the face

Until tomorrow beautiful Mothers, Have Faith-do not try, just do!
Please comment, share, send your love. It is so nice to always hear from you.  Thank you.
As usual if you have any questions or comments I am here to help you! I also help moms via Skype sessions release limiting beliefs of themselves so they can really find profound success , fulfillment and peace.

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