Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach
Greetings beautiful beings of light, 

I cannot remember a time when music was not my ally, my companion, my comrade and my cohort. Music filled the gaps in my life, it watered my thirsty passion, it devoured my hunger for words that sounded empty without the sound.

Whether I was listening to the Bach or Madonna, music morphed into what I desired at the moment, it was non judgmental, unwavering, enduring and committed to me. Music can articulate and express what I feel more than any medium can.

Music is healing. When my daughter was in “utero” I held the headphones to my stomach and we listened to music together, and now when she is upset or distressed I encourage her to listen to music to soothe her. She too asks to listen to comforting music when she feels a little off balanced. Interestingly enough music is supposed to enhance the interaction between the left and the right brain.
 You must have heard of the “Mozart effect”. French researcher, Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis in his 1991 book Pourquoi Mozart? (Why Mozart?) believed that listening to the music  at reverse frequencies assisted the ear, and encouraged healing and the development of the brain.

Today I ask you to find a music that makes you happy and play it for you. I have so many but let me share with you one of my favorites meditative pieces.
                                     music in the street 
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