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Greetings Mothers and my beloved readers from all around the world,

I invite you today to explore “AGE” with wisdom, with insight and deep perception. 

Close your eyes and say the word “age” and  experience a full sensory awareness, addressing the four aspects of your inner world, thoughts, feelings, Emotions and physical senses. Just an exercise I did this morning and this was my experience. Feel free to do the same .


“This movie is for the young at heart”   my mind paced back and forth like a swing, then up and down like a child on a trampoline . Age got me thinking. Age, ageless or age less. My thoughts were pretty random by then. I stood in front of the dining room mirror and imagined wrinkles on my face and the graceful feeling of experience, marinated into the juices of life, deeper understanding, those wrinkles that had formed in my face now became more striking with character, like strokes of life. I think age can just really be for me, a more immersed, more understanding, more intense version of being.


“Follow..follow..follow..follow..follow the yellow brick road”  Innocence, charm and purity. The age of purity! I feel the age or the agelessness of purity. I close my eyes and my legs and arms shrink into the age that I remember feeling free and bright. I recall that very moment when I need to feel innocence and really see  life from that perspective.
Five years old and my father has taken me to be interviewed by the school that I was to attend. I wore my favorite dress. It was white with pink butterflies and I felt like one, light footed, free and colorful. The happiness always sent out giggles from my belly and I did that quite often, this time, all the way to school.
I remember my father relating this incident to me as his most memorable, i think.

We reached the school, we were asked to wait at the parlor. The walls were painted yellow and it gave a bright burst of energy to the school.  It was a sunny day and I could hear the little kids playing in the playground .When my father  went inside, to sign some papers and talk to the principle of the school  he asked me to sit tight! I could not resist the sound of the kids frolicking. I slipped out to the playground.

Next, I hear  my name being called as my father was looking for me.  When he found me, I was running in front of a group of little children, yelling, screaming and giggling..chasing a dazzling yellow butterfly! This is the ageless feeling I have about myself. This  is the girl that will never grow up as life is still as fascinating for me, as I feel each moment a burst of yellow butterflies and giggles. That has stayed in my mind as a feeling of happiness, cheerfulness and really a spontaneous understanding of living in the moment.


Passion….Closing my eyes and trying to identify the emotion attached with age, I see intense, brilliant colors, like the aurora borealis moving like waves dancing to the rhythm of life. The emotion is strong, bold and assertive. This emotion clearly wants to live for the moment. This emotion wants to make the most of everything. Love, life, art ..like a lion, it roars and shakes its mane and declares its place in life. There is an underlying emotion, this probably is the female force. This emotion is not as overpowering as the lion emotion. This is quiet, secure , confident and all knowing. This emotion is the root of my life. It grounds me, it nourishes me and understands me. But the strange thing is, these two emotions are actually lovers. They are very attracted to each other as they lack what the other emotion possesses. Together they are a harmonious team. With age the emotions all become more and more distinct yet more harmonious. I am enjoying these emotions so far.
                                   Canadian Northern Lights - Yellowknife 04-09-2009-

Physical senses

How does age smell? This is interesting! Age smells like rose petals , soft pink rose petals . Tastes like a green cayenne pepper with plain rice. Just simple and that which hits the spot! Feels to the touch like a meadow, green soft grass with the morning sunlight and sounds like a river running through it.  Age looks like nature..as finite but as endless as nature.
                                   Rose 1
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