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I found my bearings in the fog

Being in the present brought a completely new meaning to me the other day when I was driving in a dense fog.

I had to drive for about an hour to reach a certain destination. This is a place that I drive to often but I was unable to see beyond perhaps about six feet ahead of me. The fog was on a mission that day, it enveloped my car, descended on the roads, embraced the trees and made visibility almost obscure. A certain insecurity crept inside of me, fear gripped my nerves..panic thoughts started battling with me.
I desperately hung on to the wheel, my body tight and tense, I felt like I was falling and that was the one branch that would save me from crashing, but I wasn’t.

I found my bearings in the fog

I found my bearings in the fog

Au contraire, suddenly everything became acutely clear to me.

In the fog I found all my bearings.

All at once, I had access to all my senses. Any other day I drive on automatic mode and reach the destination without even knowing how I got I actually saw the curves of the road, the slight uphill or the minor turns, the stop sign with a bit of a dent, I was able to gauge the distance in time…I could smell the fog, the sweet fragrance of ocean entrapped vapor. I was able to hear the cars behind me or in front of me, I felt my mind totally engaged with the driving (because I had to be) ..but in a way it was exhilarating, it was freeing because actually at that moment, the awareness of it was all that mattered.

At that very moment nothing was more important than the drive itself and it encompassed the destination and the journey.

Life does not have to be foggy in order to be clear in the present moment. But the present moment can be current in everything you do. The present encapsulates all around awareness..the past, present and future all existing in one infinite moment.

Hope you have a beautiful day full of miracles, insights and joy.

Adwiti Subba Haffner

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  1. Thanks Adwiti…I love to be on automatic mode sometimes – specially on weekends. But yes, on a day to day basis – when you’re in automatic mode, you tend to miss things, things that may be important and you may realize them later when it may be too late..I do have fog surrounding me at the moment 🙂 and I have all those emotions you described..frustration and anxiety mostly..and I was beginning to slow down to a halt almost. But as you said, I am going to practice present moment awareness and see what I may discover driving today is going to be interesting !! Thank you dear Adwiti.

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