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Joyful Greetings,

Have we been successful in cultivating the spirit of Love?  Once we relinquish the fact that we are the ones doing all the work then the spirit is unleashed.

When you look at other things; people, places and outer objects as the real source of your happiness you are cutting off the real source. The Real source is the Great Divine or God or the Universe.

We have made it so difficult to put our entire trust on something we cannot even see. This is the challenge and the resolution.

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The dichotomy of life; there are so many invisible effects in our life that is inexplicable, but so simple- like breath. Breath is what makes or breaks us, literally! But this too is invisible.

Faith, trust and belief are all governed by one single phenomena-LOVE.

Our ego’s tendency is to seek security and attach itself to a thing that temporarily gives the feeling of safety; this allows illusion of separation from the source and blocks the genuine celebration with the abundance of the Universe.

If you really want attachment , then intend to connect with the source at all  times, aspire to be fastened deeply with the real resource, the true supply , giver and provider of life and living.

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For a quick exercise, every time you feel the threat of a disconnect, For e.g. when you start feeling angry, frustrated, stressed and irritated imagine a beam of light connected to the crown of your head from the heavens above, feel the light energy cleanse you and you become an instant channel.

With this quick application, you will be able to make an immediate shift.
This same beam of light is the connection with your happiness, love and life.
Thank you for being so wonderful,
Until tomorrow
Sharing the wonder of you
Adwiti  Subba Haffner
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