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Greetings Beloved beings of light,

Namaste is an Indian Greeting and it means “ I  respect and honor the divinity within you which is also within me”.


Release is the theme of the day today.

The purity within you, the spirit that resides quietly aware of unlimited potential and infinite connection with the Blissful greatness of God/Universe is waiting for you to get better acquainted with you.

But in order for you to feel the peace the bliss and the infinite energy of the Universe you have to release the negative beliefs that surrounds your being.


SIX steps to release negativity:

1.     Foremost, you have to be aware of what you are negative about. So today become conscious of your thoughts. Write down your thoughts if necessary. You have 60,000 or more thoughts per day and surveys show that most of it is what you have been thinking the day before. Thoughts are key!

2.     Out of these thoughts what is weighing you down? What is making you feel disempowered and blocked. Which thought is preventing you from moving forward or connecting with the Divine. You will know when you connect with the source the path is light and beautiful coincidences take place, miracles happen and the sense of joy in your life is heightened.

3.     Tackle one major negative event or thought or incident or even a health problem at a time.

4.     Write this major obstacle down in a piece of paper. Now, close your eyes, drop into your silence, connect with the Universe/God and request that these negative emotions to be turned into light.

5.     Now, visualize  your problem alleviated. Visualize how your life would look like when the problem is solved, or the negative emotion is released from your life. And know that it is possible.

6.     Burn the piece of paper or shred it as a symbolic gesture to release that for good.

Hope all this helped you. Leave me a comment BELOW – I can’t wait to hear what you have to say and I do love being of some help in your journey.

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