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Greetings Mothers,
“Taking the time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective”
Doe Zantamata

I felt the power of a cup of tea a few days ago.

You know one of those days when everything that you are doing is falling apart, when things are not really moving as you have planned. It was one of those days, my cell phone service dropped off when a client was just about to make a break through ( can you believe that?), the e-mails were jammed and I had a 30 minute wait just to get to speak to service personnel, besides the appointments that I had with my clients, I also had to pick up my daughter from school and all those random miscellaneous items that popped up at the last minute.  
It would have been almost impossible for one person to handle all this in a limited time frame, because the school bell was not going to ring any later and I had all these unwrapped projects waiting to be finished before my 2 o’clock deadline. 

At first I thought I would tackle this one issue at a time, then I realized that all of these problems were hitched together and there was no one at a time.

I decided at that moment to walk away and find my inner calm.

I suspended my day for 15 minutes. I brewed a cup of Darjeeling tea and said everything can wait, except my peace of mind.

So leaving all the challenges behind I stepped into my calm.

The first sip immediately transported me to Darjeeling memories wrapped by misty mountains and long leisurely walks falling in love with love. I heard voices of children playing in the background, I tasted the smell of the fresh mountain air as my childhood blossomed in my mind, I rolled down hills, played camp with my neighbor friends, I became a teenager and felt the visceral quality of life.  I was able to touch my youth, everything came alive for me at that moment. The carefree attitude, the excitement that leaps from your heart and lands into your life with a splash, the vivid colors of dreams unlived and coming alive, the wonderment that each cell possesses, all burst into my consciousness like a collage into a wakeful vision board. I heard the torrential downpour that Darjeeling is so prone to during monsoons, and it cleansed my mind of its tensions and frustrations. The white mountains made my spirit soar like like those cirrus clouds adorning the sky.
                                        DARJEELING MY HOMETOWN

The cup was empty now but I was full! Full of freedom, full of joy, full of encouragement,  rejuvenation and calm.

When I returned  back the email problem was being fixed, the cell phone was still out of order but it was okay, it would all work itself out in its own time. I was able to re-schedule some of my clients and wrap up some of the other issues keeping in mind that all these problems were not permanent  and everything changes when you change your perspective.

Doing nothing brought me a whole lot of everything, there is truth in the saying “nothing holds everything”. So moms I urge you to take that moment for yourself, be it  with a cup of tea, de-caffeinated  coffee, green tea whatever your choice is, but make room to empty that cup and fill your soul!

Until tomorrow mothers, surrender!

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