Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach

Greetings beautiful Mothers,

Thank you for participating on this journey of motherhood and revelation with me! Please feel free to share with me your experiences.

Today, I want to keep it short but deep and meaningful in what you will be doing. If you take this exercise sincerely then it will benefit you in more ways than one. This may serve as a valuable and treasured message for you in the years to come.

Please be sure you are reading this when you have a few moments to yourself, because this is like a meditation in itself and requires some reflective thought.

Imagine now, you are 80 or 90 years of age. Much of life has passed and you are lounging in a hammock and enjoying the sunset somewhere in a resort or your own backyard.

Now, write a letter to yourself.

In this letter, I want you to advice yourself about your current life. How should you be living your life? What choices should you make? What should you be doing? What work should you do?  What opportunities should you take? How much should you laugh?  Would she/he ask you to enjoy life more, stress less, stop worrying, what else what she/he say to you? What is she/he saying to you about motherhood particularly?

Write that down or even have a deep, meaningful conversation with her in your mind.
See what comes up, you will be very surprised. ENJOY the process!
Feel free to share with me what comes up!

I sincerely hope you will do this for yourself .
With Love,
Until tomorrow,
Adwiti Subba Haffner 
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