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The Queen’s Visit

My father was getting all his orderlies ready to receive the Queen of Tripura at our home that afternoon. She was to stay with us for a few days. I was perhaps less than seven years old and I could feel the excitement in the household as my father made sure everything looked pristine for her.

The Queen of Tripura was my mother’s youngest aunt and we all called her Syanumuma ( youngest mom). I had never met her, but her presence carried so much depth and enigma that I was already in awe of an actual Queen coming to visit us. It had been a few years since my mother passed away and I was really looking forward to her aunt’s visit, mainly to feel my mother in her presence I suppose.

The carpets were cleaned, the floors were polished and all the windows were sparkling!  I even helped by washing an antique Shiva’s statue with lemon and water making it look shiny and brand new. Full of pride at the work I had done with the grubby statue I showed it to my dad. 

He was speechless for a moment, put his head on his hands, then placed me on his lap and tried to explain to me that it was a very ancient statue and the grime that I had just cleaned was actually of great value. But his kiss made me all better as I continued to play and wait in anticipation of the 2 o’clock arrival.

We had many cousins living with us and at any given time there were at least nine kids ranging from seven to sixteen years of age in the house. It was a very busy household!

I am not sure now whether I imagined this or that it really felt that way, but I could smell her arrival. It was a faint smell of jasmine and musk as she entered through the front door. She was welcomed with garlands, khadas and happy smiles. Her presence was soft yet powerful, her posture commanding yet  humble, her speech was clear and authoritative yet not domineering, her movements were swift yet gentle. I watched her and absorbed all I could and wondered if my mom would have been the same way.

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The next incident I remember clearly with the Queen is the reason why I am actually writing this piece. It was raining outside and Syanumuma was in the bedroom with all nine of us kids. We were just hanging out, laughing and visiting, exchanging stories and she was really trying to get to know all of us better.

She was sitting in the bed, she had let her hair down, it was dark and curly and rested below her shoulders. She was wearing a peach color printed silk sari. A little make up, perhaps some lipstick and kajal ( Indian eye liner). We were surrounding her, each one trying to get her attention. Her presence was soothing, comforting and regal. He right  hand  rested  on her knee. She quickly put everyone at ease with her very attentive energy, she was very much owning and holding her position as the Queen. It was a beautiful and harmonized presence.

Shanti, our house help walked in with the tray of tea pot, sandwiches, cups and saucers ready to serve us in the bedroom.She was one of our house helps, and was from the villages and had little knowledge of Queens and Kings.

She paused at the door, glanced one by one, at all of the people in the room and then she said in our language “ Syanumuma can you please get me a table to put this tray?”

We were all stunned into silence! The oldest cousin was infuriated and reprimanded Shanti for such impudence and insolence. Shanti smiled and innocently said  “ She looks the kindest among all of you ..that is why!”

Syanumuma chuckled and after asking a few questions to Shanti invited her to come have tea with us.
What a powerful lesson that was for me! Out of all the kids sitting in the room, that Shanti was familiar with, she felt most comforted by the Queen.

I realized  the Real meaning of a Queen. It is really the humility and the grace of the heart that makes us the Queen or the King.

Hope I have brought some great insight into you day and I thank you for reading my blogs and really making progress. Here is to the  Queen within you!

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