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Greetings Mothers,
The photograph that graces the cover of Time Magazine, is getting to be quite controversial and it is interesting to see all the viewpoints and arguments of mothers and others. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a photo of a 26 year old woman wearing skinny jeans and  a black top, with a 3 year old standing on a chair quite precariously, breast feeding!
Having grown up in Darjeeling, India..I guess it makes me a little immune to such controversies because we were exposed to an assortment of experiences that the breast feeding photo really does not offend me, at all. Okay, so Time Magazine has sensationalized it a little, with the child standing on a chair instead of how breast feeding is usually done but nursing is very intimate and innate. I recall lots of children being breast fed until they were six or seven years old and I don’t remember eye brows being raised! 

When we went to the bigger cities, where rivers of people crowded the streets and nursing moms walked around begging for food for themselves with babies hanging off their teats, making the gesture with all their five fingers joined together as a symbol of eating and touching their mouths, I felt a whole lot of compassion and sadness. This is a common site. So does this picture with this lady affront me? No.

What I believe as a mother is that at any given time, please check with you heart and do what is in alignment with your spirit. America can be a very faddish nation, if something is popular then everybody seems to follow suit, at one point with the South Beach Diet, Orange juices went down in demand throughout the nation!! hah!
The most important thing is to know that the child comes into this world with her/his lessons. Your child will be fine if you are fine.
If you want to breast feed or not, it all depends on how you feel. Not, how you are made to feel, by books, media or group think. If breast feeding works, well and good, if not then know that either way you are doing the best for you baby and be solid in your stand for that.
Books cannot tell you how to live and what to do, it can give you an outline of the writer’s experience, but it can never show you your exact path. When I left home at eighteen, I asked my father for one most important advice and he said  “Listen to what everyone has to say but make sure you make your own decision, because it is your life.”  I have lived by this rule most of the time and it has served me well through the years. Sometimes it is easy to forget that you do have access to your own wisdom, and that it is always available for you in the quietness of your mind, so use that and gauge what do what is best for you, it always works! 

Until tomorrow my beautiful readers, mothers, friends and perhaps foes J I invite you to feel  with your heart and if you have trouble finding that wisdom within you I am only a phone call 609-1251 or an e-mail away.

As usual if you have any questions or comments I am here to help you!
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