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Greetings Goddesses, 

I fell asleep that night thinking about this active yet mysterious feminine power and how I could integrate all that in my life, or that I should. What the world was teaching me about how the male energy being the leader, came crumbling down as I recognized the truth that was profoundly uncovering into my awareness, this was something that I felt I knew but I had buried deep into my mind instead of letting it blossom. It was essential that I now looked for that buried seed and replanted it with care and nurturing.

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I embarked on an intensive study of the power of the female energy, I meditated deeply and fell inside the silence of my heart. After many years the emergent mother in me became stronger and  more powerful in all respects.

In deep meditation, I realized the need to really own my womanhood, to accept the beauty of it and then celebrate it.

First insight was that the mother, the female is the energy of CREATION, we create, we birth. Creativity occurs in the depth of silence and it is not the stereo typical silence that I am speaking of, this is the kind of silence you feel in your heart when you are connected to the Divine energy. You can be in the loudest of places and still drop into deep creativity within.

Today I want you to identify your creativity, the vision of you and your heart. This may take a little longer but just close your eyes, play your meditation music and then drop into your heart to embrace the original essence of feminine power of women.

With your eyes closed , make a shift from helplessness or confusion to creation, think of all the things that you have created in your life. Look around you, if you have created what you have this moment, you can create more of what you want and release what does not serve you. 
I believe in you and tomorrow, I will go more in depth about drawing from your unlimited power.

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With creativity and power I will see you tomorrow loving you even more..

My name is Adwiti Subba Haffner and I am a Life Coach. I teach moms and anyone else (also via Skype sessions) to make that internal leap from where you are to where you want to be in the external world from achieving your most audacious dreams to finding profound success , fulfillment and inner peace. Check out my testimonials and invest in yourself and let us make that leap forward!!
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