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Greetings powerful beings, 
Last few days has been a wee bit hectic for me, had a lot going on I am hoping this week I will be able to bring you some actual stories and snippets that I know you enjoy so much, weaved into the topic of the day.
I usually sit before the computer at a certain time of the day to receive messages from the Universe for you and I tune in to the collective energy that I feel from my readers all over the world. 

Today I feel I need to help you receive the feminine energy, to accept and offer it back to the Universe. The intrinsic nature of the Mother, the feminine energy, depicts the fundamental force that perpetuates nature and its offspring.

When I was in Malaysia training to become a meditation master, almost a decade ago, I had an interesting experience.
Dr. Yong, was the teacher I was training under, he was very blunt about his assessments and did not mince words on how he saw  certain situations. His teaching was Zen like yet modern. I remember one occasion when I was deep in meditation he suddenly threw a coin, jolted me awake and asked me what the coin depicted. Startled, I started rattling about everything I could think of outside the box about the coin, intellectually smug, I thought I got him! He looked at me with searing eyes and said  “Seek not the known truth, just drop all opinions/judgments.” 
Of course I challenged him, I would right?  I started discussing about how a coin does not need judgment because it is inanimate and that his statement really did not quite make sense to me! The rest of the people meditating became very unnerved and I disturbed the collective peace that day.
Dr. Yong called me for a one on one meeting.  That evening, we met. He poured me a drink of green tea and made one statement. “Until you embrace your feminine power within you, you will be stuck looking for yourself.” Then he simply left the room, intentionally to help me feel the message.
I drank my green tea in silence; the cup was white with a blue dragon  painted on it with its tail elegantly extending towards the holder.  The tea tasted slightly bitter but soothed my ego  with its warmth, perhaps even settled it a bit so I could digest the information with more ease. 
I looked out of the window, the green, lush blades of grass was swaying after the afternoon rain, droplets sparkled in the faint glow of the silver evening. It had cooled down quite a bit. I could hear the faint laughter of my classmates in the back ground. Subliminally I knew this was a very powerful message, and my physical domain needed to urgently capture that revelation and integrate it without losing momentum.
                                     Zen Grass
I will be sharing with you tomorrow more about the gentle force of Feminine energy and how you can harness the power to fulfill your dreams.
My name is Adwiti Subba Haffner. I help people who want to make big changes in their life or who want to achieve massive results and I help you break down your goals and intentions into simple action steps that are easy to follow and I  will keep them on track until you have achieved the results you are looking for. I have met some of the most wonderful people and seen miraculous changes happen to them.. Check out my testimonials and invest in yourself and let us make that leap forward!!
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