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Hello beautiful mothers from all around the world,
There is one thing common amongst all of us  and  that is-we invariably forget to treat ourselves like we would like to be treated. Life is a reflection of your heart. This statement is quite bold, but  reflect for a moment.  How are you treating yourself? Are you kind to yourself? If you are , you are bound to be surrounded by kindness. 

The way you treat yourself is the mirror to the way life treats you!
Let me share with you some ways of showing yourself some kindness.

1.     When a negative thought creeps up, accept the thought. You know that it is impossible to not have a negative thought or emotion. It is only human. The most important thing is to receive this thought without any judgment, because when you pass judgments on your thoughts, you are giving it energy assisting it to persist. Don’t even fight the thought. Just accept it objectively, like looking at the weather. Then reverse the thought into something pleasant and let it go, let the Universe do its work. You have done yours.

2.     If the person you loved and adored the most in the entire Universe was with you, every step of the way, how would you treat her/him?  Imagine that person is YOU! Now go and treat yourself with that much love, kindness and encouragement.

3.     Write down qualities that you love about yourself , or ask a friend to e-mail/mail  you what she/he loves about you and you can return the favor.( let me see how many of my friends e-mail me with this request :)! This is a very deep, bonding and powerful experience  between friends and yourself.

 This beautiful flower is potent with self love, let it be a symbol of how you feel about yourself when you look at it!

Enjoy loving yourself Mothers..
Until tomorrow , be kind to yourself!
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