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Greetings beautiful beings, 

As an avid soccer fan I had e-mailed, face booked a bunch of friends and relatives to watch the Euro 2012 Soccer game finals with me via Skype, phone whatever would be necessary to  experience the enthusiasm and the gusto that we used to have when I lived in Asia, as you know Americans haven’t quite taken to soccer or the other way round….

Time check: 1 AM central, all ready with my hummus and chips, my TV on..when my daughter’s nose starts to bleed profusely. Abandoning the game I tend to her. It took all of half an hour to stop the nose bleed and for me to get back to the game.

Limpid eyes she pleads, “Mamma, we talked about watching Brave…can we please watch it? Please Mamma…I have been waiting for it forever!”

Any mother knows that she cannot resist going to the movies and bonding over the theme, the songs and creating a little more magic in their lives, and right after her nose bleed? She managed to tug at my heart strings.

“Well, darling…I have a game that I was waiting to watch…”

“Mamma…you can always watch a re-run….let’s go mamma…”

With a kiss on her cheek, I relented and off  we went to adventure “Brave”. My close friend from Atlanta had e-mailed me the reviews and had wanted to hear my impression of the movie; I too had been longing to watch it.

After the Movie….

Set in the highlands of Scotland, the mist, the mountains, the water and  the Scottish music transports you immediately to a mystical world of enchanting forests, secrets, magic and  mother-daughter dynamic skillfully portrayed through a female archer Princess and a Queen.  We settled down, the cozy twosome with popcorn and sprite and I watched my daughter’s eyes light up when Merida the main character an independent, strong and free-spirited red haired heroine, conquers a difficult cliff, free hand rock climbing. The glee in my daughter’s face increased the dimensions ( if there is any)  of my heart.

Without giving away too much of the plot the spiritual and Shamanic connotations are very apparent; the mist, the bear… now whether this is purely coincidental or deliberate, the bear symbolizes female energy, as they hibernate to reconnect with the earth and come back with answers to spiritual dilemmas. To the American Indians, a bear represents wisdom, insight, power and also healing.

The movie deals with the age old parent-child conflict but has an interesting twist where the mother and daughter are forced to look into each other’s hearts beyond language and traditions. This increases the tempo and the intensity of the movie. 
The Will-o’-the-wisps kept the movie magical and enchanting just as a mother-daughter relationship should be.
Mothers I invite you to go for a movie date with your daughter/daughters and watch Brave. I also encourage you to look at each other’s hearts and spirit beyond what society has compelled you to do.
“To change your fate
Look inside
Mend the bond
Torn by pride”

Enjoy….I will see you tomorrow. Follow the Will-o’-the-wisps..aka your intuition, your heart!

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