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DAY 11 – Mindful eating..

When I did the Art of Living Course in Kathmandu, Nepal there was an exercise that we did that made me sit up, meditate and made me powerfully aware of the present.

We were all asked to sit cross legged, close our eyes, take deep breaths and simply become aware of the moment. Then one of the helpers placed a fruit in our hands, with our eyes close we were then instructed to put the fruit in our mouths. 

                                                        Wine grape

There was a different set of instructions for “eating” the fruit, which by the way was a green grape.

1.     Roll the fruit around your mouth, without really biting it. Feel the texture, the quality of the fruit in the mouth.
2.     Then we were asked to eat the grape taking as much time as possible, enjoying the flavor, savoring the taste and the essence of eating.
3.     Then we thanked the fruit for the nourishment that it provided us with.

Just eating that one single grape was ceremonious! I enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to incorporate that in my everyday meal (when I remember..today I did J).


Many of us take eating for granted. Food is such a necessity but we have learned to simply be on auto pilot with eating, this is called mindless, senseless eating. 
1.     Become attuned to the moment, your body and your intuitive hunger. Every time if you ask your divine self the choice between something healthy or something cholesterol laden food, you know what your divine self would pick right? So before you eat, ask your spirit if this is what your body needs at the moment. Chances are you will be guided.
2.     Respect your own inner wisdom even while cooking. When I asked my very spiritual and slim friend how she stays so slim, she simply said “ When I cook, I ask my inner intelligence to guide me with the preparation and she has never failed me!” Well, this friend of mind looks like she is in her twenties when she is really mid-forty!
3.     Connect with the food, for it is nourishes you, it enters your body and becomes a part of you that will support you, give you energy and vitality.
4.     Before eating, say a little prayer or send some appreciation to the Universe.
5.     When eating, become respectful of the food you are consuming. Take your time to eat. 


When we were little we were not really allowed to read, sing or play while eating. The elders used to say “ Unna dewta  ( God of Food/Universe/God) needs respect when you eat!””. Again this is now making a lot of sense. Most of us eat our food in front of the computer while working, watching TV, texting and perhaps facebooking….Mindful eating is about respecting that time and space and honoring your body and the food!  In fact mindful eating is fast becoming a movement in the spiritual world!
Here is to cooking and eating mindfully! Blessed be your food for today and always…
 Enjoy your day and I BELIEVE you are reaching your goal weight!
 With lots of love and support,
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