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Greetings my lovely, divine ones, 

Today let us quickly examine what is making you eat even when you are not hungry?

It takes 21 days to form a habit and 40 days to reach all levels of your being.

Eating and Exercising is simply a habit formation, albeit a habit you have formed since you were a  wee child.

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This is one of the privileges that my clients get to uncover when they do the weight loss program. The logic, the conscious mind knows how to lose weight. Eat less, exercise more, don’t drink sodas or too much alcohol ( a glass of red wine is okay, according to studies)..simple right? Well why don’t we do it? It is because all the software, the programs were installed in your subconscious when you were a little. This does not just apply to weight by the way.

One client found out that she was eating to pacify herself, because when she was a kid, whenever she would cry she was handed a cookie, a sucker etc. So when she co-related that, she was able to identify her behavior and then release it. She lost 15 pounds after that!

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I invite you to think of what behavior is governing your eating habits.

Jot down when you are eating in excess, when you are reaching out for that sweet treat or when are you eating involuntarily and then examine your pattern. With awareness comes change.

Today become aware of your eating habits and make a conscious choice with your hunger.
Enjoy the day and silence your hunger with 5 minute meditations or deep breathing and visualizing the healthy you. 

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