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When you clearly visualize a goal, all your attention is focused on achieving that goal. Have you noticed, in the past, if you  wanted ice cream, if you craved ice cream, then you would find a way to get it, come hail or high water!  

                                            Dream landscape

The weight loss works the same way except that you have to find a passion, an obsession, that pleasure in your life and replicate it. There is that part of you that is helping you become determined and resolute about getting what you want.

I had a smoking client last week and when we uncovered her hidden desire, there was a part of her that was determined not to let her quit smoking. So we asked the same part to help her quit it.

We can work the same part in the weight loss as well.

                                         mirror dream

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”~ Albert Einstein

Between will power and imagination, the imagination usually wins. So it is important to be gentle with yourself….take a few moments to visualize your beautiful self in your mind’s mirror  a slimmer, healthier you! When you have a clear picture of yourself in your mind, the mind is so powerful that it will do everything in its power to deliver that to you. 

When you think of yourself,you body, what do you see?…………Hummm..interesting huh?

                                       Vintage card

Now if you are seeing an image of yourself that you are not quite pleased with ( which from my experience most people don’t see themselves, as quite  the way they want to actually look), then change it to the one that you like and see how your whole physiology changes. When your mind power is occupied with  a certain image,  then that image will draw you to success and fulfillment. 

Today..keep dreaming..dreaming..dreaming and let your dreams seductively pull you towards your success!

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