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Dearest  beautiful people,

                           Frühling und die Welt steht Kopf
Day 8 and going strong..today I simply want  you to connect with your body. I invite you to contemplate deeply on your body and the way you connect with her, consider how you talk to the body.
Do you look at the mirror and scold her? Do you say demeaning things to her? Do you degrade her? Would you talk to your best friend like that?

                                          Girl in Mirror
Consider where this is coming from and what purpose it has served you. Feel the delicate relationship you have with her. ( I am using her because I feel comfortable with her J ) This one small aspect of your  interaction is an essential part of the system that harnesses the energy of the spoken word, digs deep into the psyche of  the communication and then brings into the world the results.

When we were little our “elders” would caution our tongues..” Be careful what you say…God might be passing by and grant that wish!” So we were encouraged to speak kindly ( at least when we were around them J ). Now I understand the logic behind that!
When you say something, the brain computes it and then puts everything into motion to deliver that thought to you in results, actions or experience.
So ..when looking at the mirror if you are saying unflattering things to your body, the body will react right back at you!  Everything is energy!
Today, I invite you to get naked and talk to your body with gentle loving kindness….this will transform the elements of the environment into nourishing actions and experiences.  Tell your body “ you are beautiful..I love you…thank you for being with me…”
Do this everyday before or after your shower and observe your feelings and your experiences change.
Here is to loving your body and talking to her like you are in love with her, not in a narcissistic way but in a divine, loving way!

                               portrait laughing girls is isolated

With lots of love and support,
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