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Hello my lovelies,
Sunday, the barbecue is being prepped, the party might be on, friends coming over and you might even feel disciplined about your goals today, determined to get your target weight.

At times like this thinking about your goals beforehand can help motivate you to pay attention to what you need to do in terms of exercise, food and visualization.

                                    Red and Yellow Pepper
But something interesting happened to me the other day.
It was my daughter’s birthday and I was faced with pizza and cake. I usually avoid sweet things but as luck would have it, the cake she happens to like is the one that is absolutely irresistible to me, with the butter cream icing, that tastes like whipped cream and melts in your mouth delivering an astonishing amount of pleasure to the taste buds, even for a short time.
When I see a cake like that, I take a small piece and then sneak in  another small piece later and by the end of the day I would have eaten a fair share , no- more like the Lion’s share. Here is another misleading technique I use to trick myself, I eat it standing up with a fork , just taking small bites off the side, deceiving my brain to thinking that I am not really eating a whole slice so I 
should be okay! 

                              Birthday cake
Well, I have read a lot of articles on how you should give yourself that one day to simply indulge and eat anything you want, perhaps once a  week. I pondered over that and I decided to experiment.
After the decadent Cosmic Karma pizza packed with  pesto, feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes and olive oil and of course the whole white wheat dough…I ventured into the cake slice. This time I decided to take a good size chunk!

I decided to simply enjoy each and every bite of that delicious cake…I even scraped the edges of the plate….I pushed the platter away from me and my mind said “satisfied!”

                             measuring tape
The real test would be later in the evening with the left over cake in the fridge.
Well… through out the evening the cake stared at my face, tempting me, taunting me…but…..YES!… not once did I feel like I needed another bite or another tiny slice!
The psychology behind that is,when you deprive yourself of something to a degree that is unhealthy, then the deprivation will haunt you and will re surface in damaging ways. When your subconscious mind feels denied, then the mind will try to compensate by countering the denial in a myriad ways. If deprived of cake the cravings will continue and you will eat equally fattening other things!

Feed your hunger in a reasonable way, listen to your body and keep your goal in mind.
So today, darlings…I invite you to have your cake and eat it too! Just make sure you do this JUST once in a great while though! J
Cheers…and enjoy your Sunday!

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With lots of love and support,
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