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Greetings one and all, 

HAPPY 4th of JULY! Independence day for Americans, we have a barbecue planned at my brother-in-law’s place, with paddle boards,  Hobie cats and kayaks, with lots of outdoorsy fun in the sun!  

4thof July is celebrated because of our freedom as a nation.
Now, here is the question- I know I gave it away in the title itself.

What is freedom to you?

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In one of Janis Joplin’s songs which my sister used to belt (the best rendition ever) she crooned “Freedom is just another word, with nothing left to lose…” This line has a great deal of depth in it. This line has the essence of almost all religious philosophies in it.
I know, freedom is different for everyone.
I want to challenge you to find out what Freedom means to you with a few questions. I know deep down we all want to be free!

1.   What allows me to feel the freedom in my life?
Write down as a state of consciousness, which means without really stopping to think what freedom means to you.
Without the knowledge of what freedom means to you, you will never be free.
Write it down, whatever you want. Remember this exercise is between you and you. Be free in writing about your freedom, do not delete thoughts, or limit them, this is the fun part of the exercise.

After you have written these wonderful thoughts, the second question is:

2.   Why do I want for e.g. Money/travel/time etc?
3.   How will having this make me a better person?
4.   With whom do I want this?
5.    What does freedom mean to me?

Although we are intrinsically free, in our minds we have imposed many restrictions. Freedom is also very much a state of mind and exists within you. 
Here is to freedom! Enjoy today!

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