Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Children are such great teachers without being the authority figure that triggers so many emotions in most of us J.
Yesterday, in the middle of dinner being prepared, phone calls and time crunch for a lot to be done, my daughter reminded me something extremely important!
She brought out her pretend birthday cake and started singing Happy Birthday to you…to me. At first I was a little irritated because of the tight schedule of a school night, she had yet to take a bath, eat, read and then go to bed. I looked at her and said “ later honey, mommy is in the middle of a lot of things.” She replies “but it is your birthday Mamma..how can you be too busy to cut your cake!”
It was a sudden moment of awareness.  
We all get so caught up with time,schedules and juggling so many tasks, we forget to experience the joys of life and living.

The Birthday cake gave me many messages.
  1.  Time flies and each moment you can choose to make it your birthday or a moment saturated with everything else but the real reason we are here.
  2.  My daughter made me quickly aware of “living in the moment”!
  3.  To Laugh, to play to enjoy.
  4.  Not to be tightly bound-yes bound by schedules and tasks. They can literally stifle life and living. Now there are people who love their schedules and thrive in it( I am one of them), but by living in the moment you are inviting the excitement, the wonderment of the next moment brought to you as a miracle that you have not scheduled!
  5.  This is where the moment meets the miracle and that is called synchronicity.
  6.  When we plan too much, we are containing our lives within a box while life is supposed to flow freely with the help of the Universe/God. So once in a while, let go Moms and let life dictate your day, instead of the other way around, and see how the miraculous joys of life welcome you.
  7.  This makes me think of Bruce Lee’s famous interview “be water my friend” here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH1x6Km0I38
  8.  Playing relaxes and draws out the inner child in you. No worries, no tension, no cares but to be…..It was a joyful moment, why not?

All of these insights visited me simultaneously! I dropped everything that I was doing and sat down and played with my  daughter.
Dinner can wait, tasks will always be there, phone calls can be returned ( that is why we have voice mails)but this moment, the beautiful interaction and contact with my child was eternal in this temporary moment…..
I thanked her beautiful spirit and her simple wisdom and have this in my heart as a lesson from the Universe which I felt the need to share.
When in doubt -play with your kids or grand-kids.

Until tomorrow beautiful Mothers, beautiful Child moms….PLAY!

As usual if you have any questions or comments I am here to help you! 

I also help moms via Skype sessions release limiting beliefs of themselves so they can really find profound success,fulfillment and peace.
Adwiti Subba Haffner


  1. Once again Thanks Adwiti for sharing your beautiful thought.The most awesome lesson for me was ‘exactly’ the sentences underlined by you.So true !so true! your skills of expression,to put the exact meaning to your thought process is remarkable.Its so true when you say…you are living the moment… you are inviting the excitememnt…which is unschedule,you are inviting a gift…A miracle..the moment brought to you by the universe/God.So beautifully you’ve termed that as ”Moment meeting miracle”simply awesome.I myself have experinced this miracle moment lot many times,every moment holds a miracle ,if you can live it you have lived it.Thank you for the affirmation.

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