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Greeting Mothers and all the wonderful people who read my blog,

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Memorial day weekend has been relaxing, besides going to the beach, I actually did a lot of feng shui around my house, just letting go of old stuff and creating room for new. While we cleaned and sorted,my daughter watched the “Avatar” series once again and although I am not an advocate for mindless TV watching, this series is actually quite thought provoking and has tapped into some profound Eastern philosophy, which I hope she will inculcate in her magnificent childhood and thereafter.

We were out on the beach yesterday, the mesmerizing turquoise water completely entranced my spirit, the sugar white sand felt like velvet on my feet. My husband put up the umbrellas and we started building sand castles and played in the water, we were also entertained by a pod of dolphins that swam pretty close to the shore. I am not sure what it is but every time I see  that sight I feel like my spirit uplift to a very peaceful place!

But, I was jerked out of my wondrous stupor by an acute, angry interaction between a husband and wife with a family stationed next to us. They had three kids and the husband was playing with one of them in the water, I happened to be getting out to dry off. He asked me to get his wife for him as she could not hear him calling her because of the sound of the waves.

Drying my hair and enjoying the sultry air, I relayed the message to his wife, who turned visibly red with anger! Then with her hands on her hips, she started shouting at the top of her lungs, turning toward the husband playing in the water with the kid “What…what..what..what the hell do you want from me?”

I retreated to my spot, sent her some light and witnessed that interaction The children started wincing and unpleasantness spilled into the atmosphere within them.

Now, I am not trying the “holier than thou” stance at all here. I am just reminded of the times that I may not have spoken so sweetly to my husband  and of course when looking from the outside, I cannot know what the dynamics of  that family were and what triggers they had, I was only just given a glimpse .

But I thought it would be a great reminder to my readers to speak sweetly to your loved ones!  The daily grind can make us pressurized and we become unaware of our treatment towards the ones closest to us, as we know they will forgive us. But imagine what the relationship goes through, it is a matter of choice as to how you want to construct this connection through the years. Do you want to build it with words of love in your heart and in your mouth or with words of frustration and anger and let it build walls between the relationship? 

The family relationship has to endure a lot so weave it with love and let the love not just be in your hearts, but in words and in action.

No matter how angry or activated you might be, always be aware of the fruit of the interaction. Becoming conscious of the end result of a heated communication has helped me grow from “attack mode” to “ we are in this together”! 

Until tomorrow mothers and everyone reading this blog all over the world, speak words of love to your loved ones and to yourself. Your heart will feel infinitely better.

I will be starting a inner circle group within my website for a nominal price in a few weeks, so I can help you liberate yourself from the old disempowering ways and realize your greater potential as a mother/woman. I will help you connect to the energy of the mother, the energy of the female who is so powerful and magnificent and yes completely within you!

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My name is Adwiti Subba Haffner and I am a Life Coach. I teach moms and anyone else (also via Skype sessions) to make that internal leap from where you are to where you want to be in the external world from achieving your most audacious dreams to finding profound success , fulfillment and inner peace. Check out my testimonials and invest in yourself and let us make that leap forward!!

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5 thoughts on “WORDS OF LOVE..”

    1. ..Good reminders! I had a not so pleasant build up of resentment and frustration with my Mom recently, but luckily it ended in us making a pact to spend at least 5 minutes a day together, in respect and support of each other, and linking into Divine through prayer- The negative energies that were harbored before we then gone, and the air in the home much much lighter-!

      I wonder if sometimes the Light and Love of your energy brings out the neg’s in others?

      Sharing Love and Sweetness, is so much more vunerable and wonderful, and little children make it even more possible, I think, as they respond so easily to it…

      always hard to see/hear things like that around sweet little ones.

  1. what a coincidence, we were just talking about the same thing a day ago and i admitted that in my younger days, i was almost like the woman at the beach but over the years and learning so much from my ever so calm better half, i have changed and for the better. many of us show our love by action but forget that words too are important.

  2. Domala, I always used to blame it on our tribal background 🙂 and then realized that , it was not a part of taking responsibility..Some of us drop all formalities the closer we get, even saying Thank you becomes an insult in close relationships and then I too realized the value of gentle and kind speech! please convey my regards to your “calm” other half :)Tashi Delek!

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