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I would like to thank each and every one of you reading this article, I want you to know that you are not reading this by accident, we were supposed to come across each other’s paths. I honor your journey and your spirit.

Last week I talked about how to let go of the past and it became quite a popular topic. I then had many people writing to me about how they find it hard to relax and rest. So I decided to write about it.

We, humans have created such a frenzy in our lives that we have forgotten to be ourselves. What if I told you that relaxation and calm is our innate nature? What if I told you that tranquil is what we are actually supposed to be? Does that surprise you? Deep down I know you know what I am saying resonates with you and is the truth.

Relaxation of course cannot be explained without giving a preliminary look at stress, the opposite of relaxation. So, Stress is a feeling that’s created when we react to particular events. It’s the body’s way of rising to a challenge, real or imagined and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness. It is also an experience when your desire has not been met the way you want it.
When you relax:

  • Immune system kicks in, helping you rejuvenate, not just emotionally but also physiologically.
  • You mind is clearer, this way you can live your life from a calmer, clearer and more peaceful platform. When you are more peaceful inside then you can deal with situations in a more composed manner.
  • Gives you a general sense of well being.
  • When you are relaxed you are normally happier, so it will be easier for you to live with yourself.

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3 easy steps on how to relax:

1. Remember a relaxed, calm you is the innate you. The main thing that is causing stress is the “thinking”. Stress is caused by a psychological or physical perception of feeling threatened. Most of the stress is happening in our imaginations. So what happens when you start thinking and going into a downward spiral, perhaps your thoughts are going towards some really negative issues that are going to happen in the future, this causes the adrenaline glands to pump up, heart to beat faster, causing shallow breathing, muscles to constrict..basically getting ready for the “flight or fight” mode. This physiological state is good if you have a real threat, but when you are only imagining those threats then you are causing your body to go through unnecessary pressure and strain. Watch your thoughts. Are your thoughts causing this havoc? Most certainly! Of course problems are real, like bills not being paid, sickness in the family, a boss who dislikes you etc. But read the next line carefully..Nobody knows the future exactly. So when you have a choice to think negatively or positively, why choose the negative thought which will ruin your health, and your general well being? Instead choose the positive thought or feeling right now.

2. Raise your vibrations. Stress starts from the very first thought of the day. The moment you wake up…watch what you say to yourself. Are you irritated that you have to get out of bed, do you hate the alarm clock. Before you get out of bed, make a conscious choice to take a deep breath and say “ I love my life and my life loves me..” no matter how hard your day might be, try this for a change. Believe it and the Universe will start to flow into your relaxed self. Now, imagine a golden light from the Great Divine/Universe/God surrounding you, permeating you and make a huge bubble of this light around you, where only goodness and positive energy is allowed and if negatives enter this bubble, it is quickly dissolved. Then imagine yourself having a relaxed day with the light. It may take a few days to take effect, but most times it is quite immediate.


3. Meditate: This is of course is my answer to everything . Start with a basic 10 minute in silence, letting thoughts just pass as clouds in your consciousness. Don’t attach yourself to the thought, accept it and let it go. Then slowly increase your time in silence. You can even start by praying or chanting. Chanting helps to stop the monkey mind that is usurping all your inner space with negative self talk. You can try some of my free meditations and a video on breathing for relaxation. The mind is always preoccupied in the future or the past invading all of the NOW. The breath is the only thing that powerfully brings you to the present. I will have a video on youtube this week, with a breathing technique to relax instantly, please subscribe to my channel, so you can be alerted when new videos are posted.

Any of my meditations in my site www.alivewithadwiti.com/store are relaxing but there is one that is going for just $0.99 Thought I would bring that meditation to your attention.

Here is the link : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/adwitihaffner

As always I am here for you…..Thank you for evolving in this journey with me.
Be blessed, be connected, be you……….

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Until next time,
Have a peaceful, relaxed and calm week,
With lots of love and joy,
Adwiti Subba Haffner
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