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Love is not as complicated as people make it to be. Loving yourself is actually very simple but it can be a hard concept to grasp because of social conditioning. I have many clients that come to me wondering where to start. I will outline some simple essences of pouring love into your own .


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Consciously you want to love yourself , you perhaps even believe that you do. Ahh..but let us explore deeper and find out how you are treating yourself. The way you treat yourself is a direct reflection of how life is treating you, remember life is simply an extension of yourself and persistently  echoing back all that you think and feel.Unconditional aka without any conditions LOVE will reflect the same back into your life.. This can also be looked at from a slightly different perspective, that of nonjudgment.  So if you are not judging yourself then there is no conflict within. Conflict almost always happens when there is judgment.

STEP 1 to loving yourself:

Let go of all the judgment that you have about yourself. You are not your opinions, you are not even your beliefs, you are the essence of life and love itself. Intrinsically understand that, meditate on it deeply and let go of all you believe about yourself that limits you from accessing the unlimited you.


Self talk is the key to loving yourself in this physical realm. Watch your thoughts and start with simply half an hour a day. Hear how you reprimand yourself, how your admonish your efforts, rebuke your hard work and deprecate yourself. Negative self talk is like acid to faith and belief.  It consumes all your positive reserves built up by any other sources that you have used. What is then life without belief and faith – a path with no light? Is this loving yourself. STOP…….give yourself LOVE, yes Love.  What do you say to your child if she/he is having a hard time? Hopefully it is “ I know you can do it..carry on. You are amazing!”  Say that to yourself. No holds barred.

STEP 3.Receive Love.

Receiving is a beautiful act of gratitude, if the Earth did not receive the rain, then the Earth would be dry, if the earth was dry then how would they make more rain? You see the cycle? Receive love from all sources, even from yourself. Look at the mirror and say “I love you” “You are amazing” “There is no one like you”. If you cannot do this right away, let me believe this truth about you, for you. You can also start with a baby step by saying ” I am learning to love myself and it feels good!”.Yes you are a magnificent being  born in this Earth to bring more love to the world!  When you love yourself, you are doing the Universe a favor, because you are letting the supply in continuously without obstructing or preventing the flow . Because it is a cycle! Do the Universe a favor start right now and love, love, love yourself wholeheartedly. Let love heal you in all ways.
Let the mirror of life then reflect all of your love back into your life. Life begins when you start to love yourself unconditionally. 

As always I am here for you…..Thank you for evolving in this journey with me. Be blessed, be connected, be you……….
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