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Joyful Greetings beautiful spirits,

After a few months I am resurfacing.  I have been delving deeper into my spiritual practice , meditating further and being.  Now, I am ready to share more of my experiences, more of the inspirations that a lot of you have missed and inquired about.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Morning Glory

To kick off this week, how about we start by making a deep commitment to self about being in silence for 5 minutes a day. Not too hard to start with right?
All you need is a stop watch, and your commitment.  Set it for 5 minutes and close your eyes every morning or evening.  If there are thoughts, do not fight “not having a thought”, simply let those thoughts come and go.
Let go of the attachment to them.

The five minutes of silence then can increase to 10 and you can slowly move it up to half an hour or whatever desired.

Bench In Nature


1.       Will help you settle your thoughts like sand settling to the bottom after being shaken.
2.       Silence empowers you with balance and centered calm.
3.       Silence will help you feel your authentic heart, the one that is connected to the Great Divine.
4.       Silence will help you communicate with nature/Universe/God.
5.       Silence is peace.
6.       Silence can help you achieve more because it is synonymous to focus too.

So, for this week get in touch with your silence and your true nature. If you need me I am right here. I did an angel card reading for a wonderful client and this is her testimonial.

“Thank you SO much, Adwiti. I have felt wonderful (almost) every single moment since we spoke. The most calm and relaxed I have been in way too long! And a place I’ve been applying to – that will give me flexibility and freedom to pursue other DREAMS finally called me back!! You were just the spirit I needed to help me get open again!!!! Thank you!!!! “  Selina Marie Austin

Please feel free to contact me about angel card readings or “heal-balance-succeed” packages. I want to help you achieve your peace, your dreams and your unlimited self.
Namaste beautiful beings, sending you blessings of deep peace, healing and love.

I appreciate you and I know you can take that leap of silence, focus and make it all happen!

As always I am here for you…..Thank you for evolving in this journey with me. Be blessed, be connected, be you……….
Adwiti Subba Haffner
I teach women and anyone else (also via Skype sessions) to make that internal leap from where you are to where you want to be in the external world from achieving your most audacious dreams to finding profound success , fulfillment and inner peace.
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