Simple Habits to make for a happy day….

Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach

Silence creates, words create life, gratitude sustains living.

What is mindfulness? In my simple terms, as you who read me, FB/twittered  with me have been familiar, I assume with my simple explanations and  an uncomplicated approach towards life, living, spirituality and everything else in between.

So mindfulness is simply about your mind being full of empty.  The fuller your mind is of emptiness the more you can communicate with the Universe/God.

Silence is the very first language that will transform your relationship with life.  In the  deep echos of silence creativity is agog , ideas are formed, love is transformed into anything you want it, be it healing, kindness, compassion, tolerance , success. EVERYTHING starts  within the confines of exploding silence.

1.        Start the day in silence.

Resort Sunset

Another most  powerful  way to be mindful is to be aware of the words that you are using  every day.  How simple is that? Yet how deeply rooted is our complication with language. Oftentimes we are communicating with ourselves as how our parents  would communicate with us when we were children, not to blame anyone with the language that we use today, because the past is long gone, and  the present is all we have as we create our future with the words of today.

2.Take full responsibility for your present , that which will create your future.

Girl Under Tree

Continuing with how we develop  our  rapport with our lives, observe the words you are using. Just for an hour today, see how you  disparage, discourage or more so become neutral towards yourself or others in your life.  Have you with the organs of your mind ever encouraged your life? Have you given them appreciation and joy and gratitude ?  Do this staring today.

3.  After a few moments of silence, become present and then pour gratitude into your life and your entire existence. Feel it with every cell of your being.
For this week, please continue with the process of silence presence and gratitude. Next week we will continue on with this practice.


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I appreciate you and I know you can take that leap and make it all happen!

As always I am here for you…..Thank you for evolving in this journey with me. Be blessed, be connected, be you……….
Adwiti Subba Haffner

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