Five Steps to Combat Negativity

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Greetings Beautiful beings,

Five Steps to Combat Negativity

Who is immune to negative thoughts? Almost no one! The mind thinks, the subconscious mind doesn’t know how to discriminate the good from the bad thoughts. The subconscious mind solely functions on emotions and images. The images you create with your mind is being absorbed and processed by the deeper, richer more intense and emotional portion of your mind and then reflected back as feelings and then those very feelings start to create your actions.


Who is immune to negative thoughts? Almost no one! Read on about how you can combat these dark clouds and come out on the other side..

Those actions then lead to results. The chain of events is pretty simple. It starts with a thought and snowballs into action.

My daughter just got back from gymnastics gushing “ Mamma, mamma I just overcame by fear of the back walkover.”

“ How did that feel” I asked her.

“Terrific..I am hungry!”

I pulled out some whole wheat bread slices, and made her a quick peanut and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk. While she ate I asked her how she combated the negative feelings.

“ Well Mamma. First.  If you fear something you need to first breathe. Second. Try and think about why you can’t do it.  Third. Think good thoughts about yourself.  Fourth. Try it yourself several times. Fifth. When you cannot make it yourself, ask for guidance. i.e. my spotter or my gymnastic coach. Sixth. Have the confidence to go ahead and do it.”

I was pleasantly surprised by her analysis.

How one deals with their emotions and thoughts and then comes to a spiritual understanding is a personal journey. Each one of us will be drawn to a different acceptance or agreement to begin the path of personal growth or awakening and apply them to their lives.

  1. Thinking negative can be a real downer and terribly depressing. The doom and gloom that you carry around can cause so much sadness and accentuate the negatives in your life. I reiterate. No one is immune to dark, gloomy pessimistic thoughts. But these thoughts and feelings too can serve a purpose.
  2. What purpose can they serve? You cannot simply dismiss negative emotions or cloak it, or mask it with fake happy thoughts. Masks crumble and cloaks are superficial. So let’s dig a little deeper and allow yourself to feel these dark, negative emotions. I know. I know. Wait a minute..keep reading ..
  3. Feeling them is different from attaching them to you your identity, or simply getting attached to the negativity. So, tell yourself this is not YOU. These feeling good or bad does not define you. Look at it objectively. Then ask the negative feeling honestly the real reason they have mushroomed in your mind. The cause is always a little more complicated than the surface motive.
  4. Once you know why, you can let your inner guidance lead you to be drawn to the right entrance into the world of clearing these negative thoughts or feelings or actions.
  5. You have a choice of thinking good or bad. None may have results you desire.  So why choose the bad thoughts and inflict the despair in your life? Creatively Visualize a different  more positive outcome. Create vivid images of your life. Smile and let go of the results. The universe communicates with us through infinite channels, and we each have our own frequency and it is our choice to become more attuned to what is right for us.

As my daughter said when you have given several tries yourself and the DIY is not quite getting it, you can call me or e-mail me to make that shift from where you are( sad, negative, stagnant, sorry, angry, scared, frustrated) to where you want to be ( happy, fearless, peaceful, joyful, successful) e-mail me at [email protected] I am taking in new clients this Autumn and would love to work with you.  I will give you a free 20 minute session for a starter.


I will give you a free 20 minute session for a starter. Start your journey into healing now!

Energy Healing, Emotional Healing, Angel Ttherapy  (if you want and if you believe), Creative Visualization, Reiki, Intuitive Guidance  .. I will work all this in our session. 

Looking forward to working with you.

Be YOU..

Five Steps to Combat Negativity 



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