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Adwiti Haffner enjoys Yoga at the beach
Every one of us has a child inside us. A child that perhaps has not been healed and is waiting to be loved unconditionally.

No matter how hard the adult in you has tried to affirm that you are loved, the child is not hearing or not receiving. It is as if she is lost in the woods and cannot connect with the world outside that has progressed beyond her own imagination.

Has she been wounded emotionally? Has she been abandoned? Has she been abused? Has she been so misunderstood? Better yet, has her voice been so suppressed that she cannot remember who she is?

I have worked with hundreds of women to help them heal their inner child. I want to help you.

Here is Cindy Travnicek’s testimonial:


“I have done inner child sessions with Adwiti and personally, I can say these sessions created the biggest shift and were nearly immediately transformative in my life. The sessions left me feeling Empowered to re-interpret my life in a new way which gave me a healthier and balanced understanding of my sense of self and the situation, rather than stuck in a negative perception of myself and the event. I now see things from an empowered perspective. The release and lightness feels almost instant! This experience will make way for feelings of self-compassion, lightness and joy in your mind and in your heart. 😀❤️”

I am reaching out to you at an irresistible one-time session rate of $222 for this month.

Grab this session with me and heal the inner child now.

You deserve to grow up and nurture yourself and your beautiful dreams.

Here is the link:

Read About Ruthy’s Experience 

I am Ruthy. I was introduced to Adwiti Subba Haffner by Becky Gray when she shared an event for a Sound Bowl Therapy group session. Had never heard of it, so my Aquarius brain had to research! Lol

As I read the details on Adwiti’s website, I felt my parched soul begging for a “drink” of whatever it is she’s tapped into! I booked a private session because I wanted the full experience with no distractions. October 6, 2018, my soul was reborn in a 2-hour session with her! I’ve not been the same since!

I’m currently enrolled in her 3 month intensive training program and shedding more layers of lifeless methods and ideologies put upon me by my upbringing which suppressed women.

I feel and see “the newborn baby” I became just 8 months ago under the sound of her voice and the power of her spiritual gift, is not only “teetering and tottering around holding onto tables and chairs” but is letting go, hands in the air, huge smile on my face, running gleefully towards my glorious future I now KNOW is MINE for the taking, because I AM ONE with the infinite power of the Universe! I AM A DIVINE GODDESS

Blessings of love and light to each Goddess in this group!! 🔥🔥🔥

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