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SPECIAL OFFER : Meaningful one on one sessions with Adwiti for Divine Guidance


I am Adwiti Subba Haffner. I am originally from Darjeeling, India now settled in the USA. I am a spiritual counselor and have the ability to help you awaken your SPIRITUAL GIFTS and your DIVINE LIFE MISSION.

Are you looking to advance in your own spiritual path? Are you looking to make that shift from fear to love? Are you wanting to enhance and even discover you own spiritual gifts?

Create the opportunity to work with Spirit, to address your life concerns and challenges. Learn about your Divine Life Path and mission and open up to joy and harmonized living.In the sessions you are encouraged to discuss your areas of concern with me and I will help you find the guidance within your heart and let Spirit assist you accordingly.

“ With God all things are possible” Mathew 19:26

Once the order has been placed, I will contact you via email to book a meeting and open yourself to a beautiful spiritual path filled abundantly with joy, harmony and love.These sessions are for those who are now ready to live from their Highest self and experience the constant connection with the Divine.

Powerful, insightful one on one sessions to connect with the Divine, to heal and to live a life of purpose and Divine Life Mission.

Please pick  the sessions your spirit is drawn to and email me at Adwiti for timing which is always perfect. 🙂

Meet your Highest Self
• Heal with the Angels
• Commune with your Guides
• Receive gifts from the angels ( my personal favorite)
• Past Life Regression
• Clear blocks that are restraining you from experiencing your Spiritual Path
• Abundance Clearing. Honoring and following the guidance of your Heart
• Bring more peace and tranquility in your life
• Make that Shift into Heart centered awareness
• Visualize and embark on your Divine Purpose
• Every session will begin with a gentle 1 -3 angel card reading of your choice.


My relationship with my surroundings changed in an instant, right after one session. Taylor Kingrea, Fairhope, Alabama




Adwiti , I thank you from the heart, for helping me at a crucial time. You listened to my woes when I needed to unburden myself, you were gentle & oh! so very kind. Not just that, but you have the rare capacity of connecting & empathizing. I felt you feel my pain & that in itself was a big help to me.Then you showed me how to heal, guided me with love.My entire consciousness shifted towards the positive, yes I feel wonderful! Navneet Aditya, India




Right after the Abundance class, I completed my career-related tasks, and it was quite delightful! Also, I was challenged recently on how to get out of my lease in my old office, so that I can smoothly transition to a different city. The people I rent from informed me today that someone wants to rent my office, so I don’t have to worry about breaking the lease.. So grateful! I am moving into the perfect career with grace and ease.”~~Lauren Maisal , Atlanta, GA


Honor the place that you are right now, wherever you are in your heart, your body or your spirit, take a breather. Respite from the chaos, the madness of everyday activities, routine, drama and resistance and simply surrender to this moment which only belongs to you.

 Looking forward to connecting with you.


Email Adwiti at [email protected] for schedule and pricing.

• Disclaimer : healing sessions are not aligned with any particular religion, church or ideology. Please follow the advice of your doctors for all medical treatments and prescribed remedies for any and all mental health, physical health and emotional health problems, this is not a remedy over any medical treatment prescribed by trained medical professionals. This is an opportunity to discover and develop your spirituality, to ascend into the full embodiment of light being, filled with love, joy and harmony.

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